Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Hunt For My Metal Zipper Ends Is Over & A NCW

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I've been using some metal zipper ends on my bags instead of making fabric ones for some time now.

They're extremely easy to install and saves loads of time. I never liked making the fabric zipper ends. Here you can see I used them on the Totes Ma Tote Bag by Janelle.

Many of you emailed me asking where I bought them from but couldn't help you becasue I bought them from a local bag maker where I live. The hunt was on, some of you helped out by doing a google search for them and Samantha and Janelle also went on the hunt for them. Samantha came up with an alternative which you can see HERE and I bought some while I was visiting my daughter.
They're the rectangular ones at the bottom of the photo.

I thought they would be nice on pouches with a little charm hanging from it.

But it was Janelle who found the exact same ones I have. She is now stocking them in her online shop HERE. These have proven to be very popular and Janelle ran out very quickly and had to order some more so don't delay and order yours before Christmas so you can add them to bags and pouches you give as gifts to family and friends.

Now while I'm talking about Janelle I thought it would be a good time to post the latest NCW I made for my daughter. I had made one exactly like this one to sell at the craft fair with a few others the first time I went. She fell in love with this one and said if it didn't sell she'd have it. Unfortunately for her it was the first to go so I made one for her just like it. She was over the moon with it and someone from the magazine where she started working saw it in her hand and ordered one just like it.

You can find the pattern for the NCW HERE.

Happy Sewing and hope you all had a nice Halloween.

~ Maria ~


  1. Good morning Maria,
    lovely work again! I love your pouches and the Necessary Clutch Wllaet is georgeous again! Lovely fabrics!
    Happy sewing day,

  2. Our Halloween was cold and rainy - most of the kids were carrying umbrellas and wearing coats over their sweet little costumes :D They were all adorable though, and I don't think we had any kids that didn't say "Thank you!" or "Thank you, have a nice Halloween!". I wanted to make them all some hot chocolate and tell them that their moms would be so proud of them, lol!

    I think that Samantha's alternative is a FINE alternative and I have some of them bookmarked on ebay to buy, but I also like your more elegant ones, so I emailed Janelle and will get some when she gets stock - I'm greedy - I want both kinds :D

  3. Maria those metal rectangles that you bought are ribbon crimps. You can use those for making key fobs with ribbon or twill tape, etc. Tutorials are all over the internet. Here's one: http://www.theribbonretreat.com/blog/make-key-fob-youtube-thursday.html
    I'll have to see how they work as zipper tabs on your next creation using them. I bet they would be cute with a charm on them.

  4. You are really creating some beautiful things :) I would like to see more pictures of the first bag.

    Greetings from Düsseldorf

  5. oohhh finally someone found them !!!! Nice NCW


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