Friday, August 24, 2012

New Cats on the Block

Years ago when my daughter was still living at home and desperately wanted a pet that we wouldn't let her have, decided to tame a couple of Ferrel kittens that wandered into our garden. We have a lot of Farrel cats around here.
This is brother and sister, Patchy and Honey when they first came to us and mum is sitting in the background keeping an eye on them. At this point they still hadn't been tamed and I sneakily took this photo from the kitchen window.

This is them tamed and older.

Honey left us before she was a year old, we never found out what happened to her but Patchy stayed on for a few years. With these two cats in the garden the other Ferrel's started coming in and before we knew it we had 14 all at one time. Most of them gave birth while they were with us.

It was a nightmare feeding all of them. I had to cook all their food everyday, it was like a soup kitchen. LOLLLL

Of all the cats we had my favourite was Fluffy, a Persian kitten. He wandered into the garden one day and after a few days he was tamed too. LOLL
Isn't he cute.

This is him just over a year old.

Sadly he never saw his second birthday, he was knocked over by a car. A truly sad day for me. My daughter had this picture of him put on a mug which I keep on the shelf in front of my computer. He'd often climb up onto the flat roof of the kitchen and come to my sewing room window for me to let him in. He loved sitting on my knee while I typed away.
Not ever having pets as a child it was an amazing feeling I got when I stroked and cuddled all of them. A sense of calm as if nothing in the world mattered.
Eventually all the cats grew up and left home so I was delighted when I saw 5 new kittens from my room today.

 I won't be taming these cuties but it saddens me to know that their mum will abandon them at three months old and leave them to fend for themselves.

~ Maria ~


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww sweet kitties - I want to cuddle and kiss on every last one of them! Sad that they're feral - they have such a short lifespan :(

  2. Oh they are all so CUTE Maria......Sooooooooo sad about the Persian one....You get so attached and then something like that happens and you are left with a great big HOLE in your heart BUT still...the joy they bring into your life is worth it! :) I would be absolutely LOST without my feline friends.....mind you, I still think one day my siamese will end up having his paw stitched to one of my bags! His favourite passtime is sneaking up behind my machine while I am sewing and taking a swipe at the needle! Another is pulling the pins out of my pin cushions and throwing them on the floor! I am TERRIFIED he will swallow one one day! I've already had to have him Xrayed once because the vet and I feared he had swallowed one once....thankfully he hadn't though and it was just a tummy upset that went away by itself.......

    1. Thanks Christine. Your Siamese cats sound like little rascals. LOLLL

  3. I love cats too, but don't want any more because it is too sad when they die. They become a part of the family. My best cat was nearly 19 years old when she must have had several strokes or seizures. It was so hard to see her go through that. She passed away over 10 years ago. I still miss her funny crazy personality!

  4. Lovely cats! I especially like the black one! Black cats are my favorites! Liz


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