Friday, August 31, 2012

Zippy Bag


I have a few things to post so will start off with the Ziggy Bag.

I tested this bag for Jen Giddens, about two weeks ago I think, but have been waiting for the bag to be named and for Jen to put it on her blog before I posted here.

This is Jen's blog  Go over and take a look at all the other bags made by her testers. Such a variety with all the different fabrics used. It's amazing how one pattern can be made to look so different.

Ok here's mine.

As usual being the rebel I am I had to do my own thing. I chose upholstery fabrics rather than cottons and made a pleather strap instead of a fabric one. The other thing I did which wasn't on the pattern was the hand stitching around the gusset, oh yes and I used metal zips which were a little wider than the ordinary zips used in the pattern. Apart form that it's the same. LOLL

This really is a useful bag with the two separate zip pockets on the outside and two pockets on the inside.

There's also a main zipper closure so all your personals will be safe and sound in this bag.

You can also make the strap as long or a short as you like. It make a really nice across the body bag.

Thanks Jen for having me as your tester. I'll enjoy using this bag.

~ Maria ~


  1. The day you follow a pattern to the letter I'll eat my hat! :D xx

    p.s. this is perfect for autumn, good work x

  2. What a gorgeous bag - you did a great job on it!

  3. Really beautiful, I love your choice of fabrics. I love all about this bag. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Marisa.

  4. Love this bag Maria....very professionsal looking. Wish I had yoiur sewing skills.


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