Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Diamond Table Runner

I came across a free pattern for a diamond baby quilt here and thought I'd have a go at making a table runner using the tutorial. The template for the diamond was easy to make and adding the sashing between each diamond too but when I got to the part where I had to match up the sashing on the diamond strips I became stuck. I followed her instructions but they just wouldn't line up so in the end I just eye balled them.

I made the Christmas tree about a couple of years ago and then just a few days ago happened to find a mini tutorial for one on Bethany's blog here.

I found this floral fabric for the back of the table runner and thought it would look so pretty. Now both sides can be used giving two completely different looks. I think I like the backing fabric more than the front.

This is the largest table runner I've made so far, measuring 48.5" L x 19.5 W but am now making another even larger one with 8 matching place mats so bit by bit I'm getting to the single bed size quilts. LOLL
As you can see from the photo above I've gone back and forth to finish off the stitching on the rows but I'm not that happy with it so if anyone can offer a better method I'd love to hear your suggestions.

~ Maria ~


  1. A beautiful table runner, Maria. I just love gingham and teamed with the white sashing it looks perfect. The other side looks great, too.

  2. I love gingham, so I love the gingham side :D

    Finishing the stitches on the rows - do you mean anchoring the stitches so they don't pull loose? I worry about that on my projects - I try to cross over the ends with a row of stitching, or you can also turn your stitch length to 0 or the tightest stitch possible and take a few stitches in the same place. My Babylock does that to anchor stitches, but I don't trust it 100% - I prefer to stitch over it where possible. On your project the only way I know of to do it is to stitch in place. I think there's a way to pull all the threads to the back and tie them off, but can you imagine the work that would involve on some projects? YIKES!

  3. Lovely Maria . That is a beautiful backing fabric, the kind of fabric that looks better in a large piece like that rather than cut up.
    If you are asking about anchoring the threads when quilting, I will tell you the only way to do this so it doesn't show, is you have to have long threads and tie knots in each thread , then take hand sewing needle and bury the knot in the batting like you would do if you we're hand quilting. You do this at the start and the end of your quilting and whenever you run out of thread and have to restart again. Of course when you run out of thread, you have to carefully rip back enough thread in order to make a knot in the thread to bury. Yes it slows you down, but if you we're ever to enter a quilt in a judged show, the judges look at this and that is what they will tell you if you don't anchor your threads like this.

  4. Maria this table runner is really beautiful, and I love the Christmas tree that you did. Your idea of ​​a table runner that is reversible is brilliant. Thanks for the link to Bethany's blog! I love your creations !!!!!


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