Friday, October 19, 2012

Ladies Wallet/Purse


Some people call them wallets others purses. I call it a purse and this is one I managed to sew up in about three hours. Pretty quick for me.

 It has six card slots.

Also a pocket behind the zipper pouch and another pocket down at the bottom.

This purse was made using a free tutorial but unfortunately the blogger has set her blog to by invitation only now.

I linked this at

~ Maria ~


  1. Your purse (wallet to me, but who makes the rules?) looks great! You have some great projects, I will keep watching to see what else you create!

  2. I really like this one~ I made a cloth wallet a few years ago, and I just got it back out yesterday to use again. I like the trifold of yours. ♥♥♥

  3. That's really pretty (to me too, it's a wallet) - love that blue floral print! It looks like it would hold everything you need to go fabric!! shopping with :)

  4. It's a wallet if it holds credit/debit cards and a place for cash and coins, at least that's what I have always known. Either way it's great. I have made some wallets and have never found the perfect one for me. They are soo small or too big or won't fit in my purse/bag. I really like how you repeated a bit of the lining fabric on the outside of the wallet.

  5. I love this wallet, I really like the color combination. Too bad we can not have the pattern, but I am happy you've been able to take advantage and do it.
    It is always handy to have many compartments inside, you did a nice job, like always, thanks for sharing!
    I'm trying to catch up with all your projects, I love them all!!!!!!!!!

  6. GREAT job Maria! I too really love how you repeated a bit of the lining fabric on the outside!

  7. I like this- I love the chevron quilting- gives visual interest without adding too much pattern.

  8. Great job! Found this on Made by me linky party and am a new follower!

  9. Hi Maria. I love doing DIY projects. I really love the wallet you sewed. I would be more grateful if you share entire tutorial to help me. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks Tory. If you send me your email I'll get back to you. I couldn't answer this one personally becasue you are on no reply.

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