Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rotary Mat Cleaning Tip

After using my self healing mat quite a bit without cleaning it I discovered that it looked pretty grubby and needed some attention. I used a tip I found on Pinterest. Yes I don’t know how I'd manage without Pinterest.
This if my mat before.

Terrible isn’t it. Fleece and thread stuck all over it. So out came an eraser. Yes just an ordinary eraser which I rubbed all over the mat until the fleece and cotton had been removed. It took all of about 2 minutes.

 After I just wiped it over with a dry cloth and here is my nice clean mat ready for use again.

I'd love to hear how you keep your mat clean.

Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~


  1. GMTA -- I spotted a similar pin a few weeks ago and tried it - much to my surprise, it worked VERY well - who knew? LOL!!

  2. I sooo need this tip! I never would have thought of this but I'm going to try it tonight!

  3. Replies
    1. I use a lint brush, it picks up all the threads and fibers, I also use it on my cutting table.
      Yours is also a great tip!

  4. I'll be trying your tip!! thanks Maria!!

  5. I don't! LOLLLLL My mat looks just likes yours in the first photo Maria so I am going to give your tip a try too!

  6. I love the trick! I knew that there are special cleaners ... but I "sanded" with a fingernail to remove lint from my mat LOLLLLL

  7. I use a soft, clean nylon scrubby (for dishes) to clean my board. I also use the brush attachment on the vacuum when I'm vacuum by. :-)

  8. I also saw this tip on Pinterest, but then I found it here on your blog and then I decided to try, and it's true the rotary mat staying impeccable....THANK YOU MARIA!!!!!!


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