Friday, October 12, 2012

Ironing Board Cover (it's not a pretty sight)


After posting about the rotary mat tip I happened to glance across my cutting table and for the first time noticed how horrid my little ironing board looked. I think it must have been all the cleaning I've been doing in my room that suddenly showed it up. Now I would NEVER normally post a photo like this but in the hope that it will inspire others to keep their spaces clean and tidy I'll make an exception this time. LOLL

Be warned it's horrid.

I told you so. This really is disgusting. I think I have stuck interfacing on it and burnt several items by the looks of it. I keep this board on my table for easy access when sewing quilt blocks. All it is is a piece of pine wood covered in batting which you can see in the photo below.

I found a piece of fabric that would be fine for now. I don't want any patterns on it so I can see the blocks I'm ironing and also I plan to change my curtains at some point so want to keep it plain for now.
So after stapling down my new fabric.

I now have a nice new, clean ironing board that I am happy to show you.

I suppose most of you will have heard the saying that 'Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness' well before I started cleaning my sewing room a couple of days ago I was knocking on the devils door but today I am finally flying with the angles. LOLLL Problem is now I don't want to do any sewing and mess it up again. LOLL

~ Maria ~


  1. Ha! I give you about 8 hours before you start using it :D

  2. My sewing space is always a mess. I have too many projects ongoing to keep it clean!

  3. A grungy ironing board is a sign that a LOT of pressing has been going on - and that's a good thing! Mine looks like crap too - it gets all yellowed and grotty. I just buy a new one and put it on over top of all the old ones - I think I have about half a dozen on it now --- it's nice and cushy, LOL!! I did make one once but it didn't stay nice looking for very long, so now I don't waste nice fabric on it - I just buy a cheapy :D

  4. I need to do this for mine too! :)

  5. I have tried so hard to put greaseproof paper on the board and on what I'm bonding, but my new cover is already looking mucky.

    Then there's my iron/s. I don't do steam irons, they ALWAYS end up squirting dirty water on something. Anyway my irons were also grungy and brown, then I found a new iron cleaner and it worked like magic so both of them are shiny and clean again. It's from Vilene so I guess they know about getting stuff stuck to irons. It's my tip for grungy irons anyway!


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