Saturday, December 1, 2012

Matilda Faux Leather Handbag

Back in March I tested the Matilda Dance Tote for Christine. The pattern has two sizes plus a faux leather one. They both went to my daughter. She was here visiting the last 10 days and I noticed her bag was getting a little worn where the ties go through the grommets so she asked me to make her another one.

Here it is. Her new bag. This time I made just two large pockets instead of four in side plus one small one for her cell phone. The large pockets are quite deep and she kept loosing it. LOLL

This is the base of the bag. The pattern doesn't tell you to do this. I just did it to make sure the fusible peltex stayed in place. Also I didn't use any sew in interfacing like it says. I guess it depends on how thick you faux leather is. Mine was pretty firm so left it out.

This is the inside. Recognize the fabric. Yes, it's from the table set fabric I posted here. I still have more left which I am making Dresdens with.

~ Maria ~


  1. Oh my that's LUSH!! What kind of sewing machine do you have that stitches so well on these heavier fabrics/faux leather???!! The bag is gorgeous, and that "quilting" on the base of the bag is perfect!

  2. Great bag! I too would be interested in knowing what kind of machine you use as I'm looking to upgrade mine.

  3. Looks lovely and soft!!! Great shaped bag!!!

  4. So nice Maria. You did a beautiful sewing job on that faux leather. I have never sewed on that before. Since a couple others are asking you what machine you use, tell me too, lol!

  5. AWSOME job as usual Maria! :) I just LOVE this bag and especially what you have done with the base.....what a FAB idea to hold the peltex in place! Might have to borrow that idea myself sometime! LOLLLLLL

  6. So charming, Maria!!! Love the inside fabric! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Happy day!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  7. Maria, this bag is sensational. I want one like that! I love the fabric you used for the lining, WOW. I hope your daughter knows how lucky she is to have a mom who sews like you.
    Maria, you've done a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing.

  8. SWEET! So fabulous:) Pinned and new follower. Follow me back. Found you on sew darn crafty:)

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