Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dresden Plate Table Toppers

Finally finished the two Dresden plate table toppers I had on order. The lady brought the flower fabrics and although when the fabrics were side by side you could quite clearly see the contrast in colours now they're made up the difference is very subtle. Hope she likes them.

Each one measures 45cm x 45cm.

I used the tutorial here for the Dresden plate.

I've been trying different methods of sewing on the bias binding other than by hand. I really like this one and find it really easy. On the Diamond Dish Drainer I made, the bias was done in the same way only difference was that the binding wasn't pulled over as much so when the top stitching was sewn it was sewing over the binding on the underside also. 

This method misses the binding on the underside, I think it looks neater so I'm sticking with this one.

Now to finish the rest of the order. A fabric Christmas tree and the fabric flowers I made for myself when I cut my finger.

~ Maria ~


  1. These are gorgeous! How on earth do you have the patience to do so much quilting? I get fed up after a couple of lines lol! xx

  2. Beautiful! Love the zigzag quilting. I'm working on my Dresden quilt...have 9 of 12 finished. They are so fun to make!!!

  3. Great quilting Maria! Do you mark the quilting lines or use a guide when you you quilt? They look gorgeous. Your binding is so neat too.

  4. Beautiful Maria,you are very talented quilter.
    the binding methode such an interesting.because I mess up with binding ;)LOL
    have a nice week

  5. Very pretty, and your stitching and points are so accurate - you must have the patience of a saint!

  6. You do wonderful work, I have made Dresden Plate but it was long ago........andi

  7. I gave always wanted to make a dresden plate pillow but have been afraid of all the pieces...maybe I'll give it a try :-0


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