Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bread Basket

It was so much fun making the little round gathered basket yesterday that I decided I needed to make another quick project. I know I should be sewing up my orders but this was an experiment. The lady wanted some nesting baskets and as I can't get hold of brand named fusible fleece and interfacing like Pellon, I have to try out different one's they sell here to see which is the best for what I need. I wanted to make it as firm as I could and this is what I came up with. This one's for me.

I used the tutorial for the SMS Happy Hostess Box here. Of course that one was too small so I enlarged it and mine measures 10" x 10" when made up.

The other thing I did different on mine was to sew the center square and then sew a cross, it makes the edges crisper.

 It's so satisfying making quick projects. Now I'm off to make some more of these.

~ Maria ~


  1. This looks like a great pattern! I'd like to make one to hold paper napkins. I can see so many uses!

  2. Those are quick and easy to make. A friend made me 3 of them one year from small to large so they nest inside of one another. I got one another year in Christmas fabric, which makes a nice basket to hold candies or other things. I like the extra stitching you did in the bottom too.

  3. It looks pretty firm, and I do love me some nice crisp edges! 10 x 10 is a good size - you could use it for quite a few things in the kitchen and at the table!


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