Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gathered Round Basket

I went over to Pam's blog, Threading My Way, where she had made a cute little gathered round basket. I left a comment and Pam wrote back saying it only took half an hour.

So I dropped everything and made one. It really does only take half an hour.

These cute little baskets can be used for so many things other than sewing supplies. Maybe jewelery or loose change.

If you'd like to make one go to Pam's blog where you will find the link to the free tutorial. I'll definitely be making more of these.

~ Maria ~


  1. "So I dropped everything and made one." ha! This comment here is fantastic. I can imagine that too lol! :D

  2. Very cute.. You and Pam are very talented sewists.. it would probably take me double the time at least!

  3. Seriously - half an hour???!?!? I've had that project pinned for a while but thought it was going to be fiddly!!!

  4. Beautiful!!!!! It is something I have to try!! This basket you've done is beautiful and it is true that we can fill with a bit of everything, I might make a few and I will fill them with my buttons if I separate them by color, it will be easier to find them when I need them. Cool, now to find time to make them.
    Nice job!!!!!

  5. Looks great in the fabric you've chosen, Maria!!! And, unlike me, you've taken the time to slipstitch the binding on the inside. I like it better that way and I'll do that next time... and there will be a next time. Thanks for the link back.

  6. I like your basket very much, and as soon as I finish posting this comment, I'm heading over to Pam's to see how it is done.


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