Friday, February 1, 2013

Dot Dot Dash Bag

I'm thrilled to bits to be able to finally show you my new bag. It's the Dot Dot Dash Bag that I tested for Sara at Sew Sweetness. This is the first pattern Sara has put in her pattern shop and she's done a wonderful job writing the pattern with loads of photos and instructions.

This is a fabulous bag and have been using it daily since I made it. It has 5 zippers on the front and a recessed zipper for the top closure. Sara had quite a few testers making this bag so make sure you go over to her blog to check them all out. It's amazing how different they all look just by choosing different fabrics.

It's a large bag that you could fit your laptop into but I use mine to bring home new fabric to add to my stash. LOLLL It could even be used as a travel bag. There's loads of room. I can quite easily fit my makeup bag, camera, wallet, cell phone a drink and a little something to nibble on and still have some room for more. The adjustable strap is great because you can either carry it in your hand or across your body leaving your hands free to fondle more fabric. LOL

Ok enough talk, here's my bag.

As usual I used upholstery fabrics and fleece so mine was quite sturdy which is just the way I like it.

I stitched over the side panels to help make it even sturdier.

I use the two small corner pockets for keeping loose change and keys.

I also quilted the back with a wavy stitch.

I love the corner details on this bag.

 Finally the recessed zipper which I must admit is the only thing I did different to the pattern. Sara's is completely enclosed all the way round where as mine is open at both ends.

And there it is. I definitely want to make another one of these in the future.

~ Maria ~


  1. That's lovely, I like your fabrics :) How comes you did your top zip open? I find enclosed zips really a bit odd to sew into tops, is that why?

  2. Lovely Maria! What kind of interfacing did you use? I would have done the zipper like yours too.. so it opens nice and wide, specially for a big bag.. Great work!

  3. It's magnificent, Maria - I got so excited when I saw Sara's page then realized that you had made one of the bags! I'm going to order the pattern tomorrow!

  4. I love your fabric! Your zippers are great with the nicer little pulls on them already. I usually make beaded zipper pulls because the pulls are too small to grab easily. I will have to look at the link to see what you did differently on the top zipper. I love how yours came out. It doesn't look as large as you say. I mean all those things you listed that can fit in there, wow. I like those corner zippers too. Cool idea. Was that easy to to sew those corner zippers on the curve an all? You did a fabulous job as usual and I can see why you like it.

  5. What a great bag! I really like the fabrics you chose and yours really stood out from all the bags I saw on Sara's post.

  6. Love the bag Maria and you always do such wonderful work. When is it going to be available for us to buy?

  7. Thanks Sandee. If you go to the link above for Sara's blog you will find her shop link. The pattern is already on sale.

  8. Beautiful, I love it! The design is original and I like the idea of ​​having a bag with many zippers, you've done a beautiful job. I'm going to visit Sara's blog and I will keep in my favorites, this is definitely a pattern that I have to do some day! Thanks for all the information and for sharing your beautiful work with us!

  9. Look at all those zippered pockets!!! That's my kind of bag. I LOVE it, Maria. Great choice of fabric, too.


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