Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thirty Meters of Fabric

Wow!!! It's been ten days since my last post. I have a very good excuse though. I've been visiting my daughter for the last five days. Apart from having to go to the doctors for a routine check both of us spent two of those days fabric shopping with a friend of mine. We took my daughter along as chaperone to try and keep us under control but unfortunately when I see fabric nothing and no one can control me. I would have bought more but couldn't find what I was looking for. All was not lost though as I came away with thirty meters of fabric in all.

Here's what I bought. It's to add to my stash so I can match up what I have with what I've bought.

I loved this one. In fact me and my friend practically had a fist fight over the one at the bottom. LOLL As you can see I won. 

The beige fabric in the photo above has a pretty pattern on it. I was planning on a table cloth for this one.

The one below is to make a blouse for myself.

This one I thought was pretty but don't have any plans for it yet.

And this one I think has to be my favourite. It would look nice used for a bag, wallet or table runner.

Now with my fabric folded away and put on the shelf I need to get cracking with my next project which is a test bag for Samantha. I'm starting it tonight Samantha and I promise it will be finished on time if I can stop fondling my new fabric. I have orders to finish in the next month so if I disappear for a while it's because I'm busy sewing but I'll post what I make as usual.

Before I go I want to wish you all a very happy belated Valentines Day. Hope you didn't eat too many chocolates. I wish I could. My doctor told me I couldn't eat chocolate any more for the next 3 months at least. Imagine life without chocolate. Funny how when you're told you can't have something you crave it even more.

~ Maria ~


  1. Hello Stranger.......

    Nice to see you are back in the neighbourhood with lots of fabric need to pop round and see it all.
    sorry to hear your not allowed to eat chocolate for a while but it co-insides with lent so you can be my partner in crime LOL!!! Remember your other project with me .........."Royal Stewart Tartan" cut out cushions....enough said from your friend and neighbour......see you soon XXXX

  2. How disappointing....only 30 meters? I thought you were going to shop til you dropped :)

  3. I like those paisley fabrics the best too. Glad you had a nice time.

  4. Wow, Maria 30 meters....what a shopping!
    nice check fabric.
    happy stitching.

  5. 30m - that's a great haul! Love the patchwork prints (2nd photo) and ginghams (3rd photo) - those are the kinds of prints I'd buy myself :) I hope you had a great time with your daughter and friend! I haven't blogged myself in several weeks - I just haven't felt like it, or haven't been able to settle down long enough to type a post - I think this cold winter weather is sapping my mojo - I just don't feel like doing much of anything! I think our Florida vacation in 3 weeks will probably solve that problem, as I'm planning on coming back with as much fabric as you bought, LOL!

  6. WOW!!! that to me are 2 days of vacation, spend two days shopping fabric is a dream! I really like all the fabrics you bought, when I see fabrics is like seeing colored pencils, the more variety we have, the more creations we can do, so I explain to my husband when he does not understand the reason why I buy fabric ( when I alredy have tons of fabrics), an artist will buy different pencils colors to make a picture, we buy fabrics to CREATE !!!
    You chose some beautiful fabrics, I love them.
    I'm glad you're back!
    Marisa from


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