Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hand Woven Wallet

Yes another wallet. This time it's a special one because my daughter who is studying Fashion and Textile Design at Uni made this woven piece on her loom.

Because of the thickness I couldn't turn it inside out like on the other ones so I decided to bind it.

I love the bright colours.

~ Maria ~


  1. I hope you're keeping that one for yourself--lovely woven fabric, there!

  2. Beautiful! What a great combination of colors.

  3. Beautiful weaving, Maria!!! I imagine it was difficult to sew. You've done a great job.

  4. Maria, I am convinced you never sleep !
    I didn't think you could make a prettier wallet then the ones you already proved me wrong ! This one is fabulous !
    I love the fabrics !
    I am sure your daughter will be thrilled with it...if not...I'll send you my addy ! LOL
    Hugs, Liz

  5. Very nice Maria~
    This is a very unusual fabric, and I can tell it is that is the best just to bind it. It almost looks like a hand made needlepoint fabric. ♥

  6. I love that you collaborated with your daughter to make that --- sweet!!

  7. Wow, she wove that?! Amazing, you must be so proud of her! x

  8. What a beautiful piece of cloth your daughter has woven! It looks great as a wallet

  9. Your daughter made a beautiful woven piece and you turned it into a lovely wallet. Are you giving it back to your daughter? Or is this your wallet?

  10. oh, you lucky girl to have shared your talent with your daughter! Her woven piece is sooooo beautiful!! wow!

  11. How beautiful! This woven piece is spectacular, I really like the colors, I think you and your daughter make a perfect duo, this wallet is beautiful (I think I told you) the weaving that has made your daughter is precious. A beautiful work, I loooooove it!!!
    Marisa from

  12. So beautiful Maria,
    I love this wallet. thanks for stopping by, you are so funny;)
    I will be back tomorrow, i need to go sleep now


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