Friday, March 1, 2013

Guest Place Mats and Napkins

I seem to be posting less and less these days. Since I came back from visiting my daughter I've been trying to sew but it's been slow going as I was getting rather bored with the plain fabric I was using for these place mats and napkins. That and the fact that I caught a really bad cold and was out of action for about two days. Then I spent another couple of days looking round for an industrial sewing machine and finally found the one I want. It's been ordered so should be here in the next few days. Can't wait.

These are for a lady who is getting married. She chose the fabric and gave me the measurements she wanted them made. The place mats are 16.5" x 13" and the napkins 16.5" x 16.5".

This is the first time I've made napkins with mitered corners so was a bit nervous I'd make a terrible mess of them. Normally I don't worry about making mistakes because the fabric is mine and if I make a boo boo I just buy more to replace it. With these there was no second chance. The amount of fabric was just enough to make the napkins and the binding for the place mats.

I'd be pretty nervous serving food with these under my plate but she assured me that the fabric was stain resistant. Apparently it's used by hotels and restaurants.

The napkins were easier than I though would be thanks to a really good tutorial here.

And that's all I've done since I last posted. The lady still wants more things making and has given me a list. Next up are everyday place mats for four. I've already cut them out and am now quilting them so could have another post in a couple of days or so. Maybe sooner if my machine arrives first. LOLL
Last of the creamy white photos. A table for eight.

My table is a bit narrower than most so she should have more space in the center than I do.

~ Maria ~


  1. Those are really pretty! You did a great job..

    but tell me about the industrial machine! What kind did you get? I most likely will get one when we have finished renovations. Would love to hear details on what you chose!

  2. your mitering looks great, well done!

  3. Those are great Maria. Oh you must let us know what your new sewing machine is and give us a review when you get it.

  4. These are stunning Maria! I too would be scared to death to actually put food on them though...

  5. An industrial machine - lucky you - I can't wait to see a picture! You could definitely use one, with the amount of sewing you do - congratulations! Love the placemats and napkins - your mitres and stitching are exquisite, wow!

    I'd be nervous too about using white (eeeeeeeeeeek!) for placemats and napkins - I don't even like white towels or tea towels, lol. I think I would only allow people to eat white rice, vanilla icecream and plain chicken on those, hehe.

  6. Beautiful, Maria. I'd be too frightened to use them, though, as I know they wouldn't stay that colour for long.

  7. Maria, glad to know you've recovered from your cold and you were able to return to your sewing room. I guess you'll be looking forward to receiving your industrial sewing machine, and I hope you will post photos to show us your new baby. Your "Place Mats and Napkins" are beautiful, the mitered corners of these napkins, are well done. Whenever we do a project for someone else is troubling, but when we finished it is a great satisfaction. What you did is lovely, thanks for sharing with us your creation!
    Marisa from


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