Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Follow me on Bloglovin

Follow on Bloglovin

 It seems like everyone is talking about the withdrawal of Google Reader on 1st July. I've been trying to read up on what will happen but to be honest with you I still don't understand it all.

Will I loose the followers that show up on my blog in the side bar? Will I not be able to see the blogs I follow in blogger? I've so many questions but can't seem to get answers.

Some people are like me and aren't sure but one thing is for certain and that's everyone is trying to find an alternative to Google Reader. Some of the blogs I follow are using Bloglovin so I thought I'd try it out. I've added a widget at the top right hand side of my blog and would love it if you would follow me using bloglovin. I'm also including the widget with this post. I'd hate to loose my followers and posts from the blogs I follow.

Thanks for your support.

 ~ Maria ~


  1. Hi Maria.. I too am confused about this! I too just read my blogs through blogger so not sure it it will affect that. I did import all the blogs I follow in blog lovin' so I can follow them there if needed..

  2. I get my blogs by email as much as possible. I find I read them in email but not so much in the reader any more. I do not understand blogluvin works I guess.

  3. You won't lose your readers. When you moved to bloglovin you imported all the blogs you read, when I moved to Feedly, it imported all the blogs I read. Wherever your readers move too, they'll still be with you so don't worry!

  4. I'm following you with bloglovin!!!!
    I also added bloglovin on my blog. I hope that you will follow me there!!!!
    Marisa from

  5. Hi MAria, I am also using Bloglovin...can you tell me how you added the link to your sidebar ??

    1. Never mInd Maria...I figured it out !
      Its Amazing what you can learn when you just read ! LOL


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