Friday, March 8, 2013

Tea Towels

Another project I finished last night and was surprisingly quick to make. Tea towels, dish towels, dish cloths, what do you all call them? I basically want them to dry my hands on.
After finishing the spring cleaning it became obvious that my tea towels had seen better days so I bought some fabric and made 6 for myself. I bought 1m x 150cm of fabric and got two large and four small tea towels.

I really love this fabric and was thinking of buying some more to make other kitchen accessories to match. A table runner and some potholders maybe.

I folded the edges of the two large ones over twice and stitched in place but by 1am I was running out of steam so the smaller ones I used my serger and folded over once.

~ Maria ~


  1. Those are pretty! Here tea towels are what you dry your hands on (I don't actually dry dishes - I let them air dry, lol), and a dishcloth is what you scrub the dirty dishes and the counter with :D

  2. Love that fabric too Maria. Not just the pretty print, but the texture of the fabric is perfect for towels. I call them dish towels if I "use" them and tea towels are what I think of as those that are usually embroidered or appliqued and are too nice to what's the point of those towels anyhow if they don't get used?

  3. That really is some great fabric there!

  4. I like the color, it's a beautiful design. I agree with you, a table runner, would be beautiful with this fabric. I don't know how they are called here in Quebec, I would call them dish towels, in Uruguay we call them " repasadores" and we use them for hands and dishes. I love the texture of the fabric!!!!

  5. very nice tea towels, I think it is great to make your own

  6. Very nice!! I have looked for tea towel material and can't find anything that is absorbent. Where did you get your cute material?


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