Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wow!!!!! My Dot Dot Dash Bag has been featured by Pam over at Threading My Way.

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Thanks Pam. It's a wonderful bag to carry around. Loads of space and the thing I like the most is that all the zipper pockets are on the outside of the bag so there's no having to rummage around the inside pockets to find things. I use the two bottom corner pockets for keeping lose change.

Go over to Pam's blog and check out all the other things that have been featured. There's a variety of beautiful projects featured and also loads of different projects and tutorials on Pam's blog.

I was hoping to have another project to show you but I've been busy doing Spring cleaning since yesterday.
I spent today doing the kitchen, the upstairs was done yesterday. Just the rest of the downstairs to do. I'm trying to get everything clean and in order so that when my new sewing machine comes I can sit and play and not have to worry about housework.

~ Maria ~


  1. A well deserved feature, Maria! Thanks for the link back. Oh, I hope you get the Spring cleaning done quickly so you can get back to the all important sewing. Thank goodness it's Autumn here, so I don't feel the need to do housework.

  2. I saw your bag over there - I recognized it as soon as the picture came up :) EWWWWWWW spring cleaning isn't nearly as much fun as sewing, lol! I hope your new machine comes soon - you don't want to do TOO much cleaning - it's not good for your health!! ;)

  3. Maria, congratulations for being featured for your beautiful handbag. As Pam said is a well deserved feature. I have that bag on my list of things I want to do, I have other patterns that I purchased and I have not yet had time to do, but hopefully in the near future I'll buy it and do it , because I love it.
    Marisa from

  4. Congratulations Maria. It's exciting to be featured. Your bag is beautiful too.


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