Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Broadening My Horizons

Some of you may remember the post I did here about the birth of my friends baby girl and the bed set I made for her. I also showed some photos of the furniture my friends dad had made for his granddaughter. Well today I'm going to show you furniture from his shop. It's also the place where I sell my table toppers and runners so you may see some familiar items scattered around.

They asked me to make some chair cushions for the shop and it's not something that I really wanted to do but they were quick to make and one of their customers saw them and has ordered six so maybe this is another avenue for me.

These are the seat cushions I made. The fabric and foam was provided by my friends dad  so all I had to do was sew them up.

One side is floral and the other side plain so both sides can be used.

 I got to keep the scraps of fabric so you may see them popping up in a bag in future. LOLL I don't throw anything away.

This is an English style sofa.

And this is the same one but in browns and creams.

This is a modern L shaped sofa that could even be used as a single bed.

I love these chairs.

But with this table.

Today I'll be making a start on another six plain chair seat cushions.

Then hopefully I'll get back to making things I enjoy more.

~ Maria ~


  1. The chair cushions are beautiful Maria. Nice fabric, so lucky you to get the scraps to play with as well. The furniture is all beautiful too. Oops one of your photos didn't come though on your posting though. The one above the last photo isn't there. All your little quilted runner and toppers are so nice on the tables.

  2. Wow Maria, that good news! I recognize some of your creations! These chair cushions that you have done are beautiful, I love them! You did a great job!
    I wish you luck in this adventure, your work shine on the tables, you should be really proud.
    Marisa from

  3. The store looks so pretty with all of your handmade items scattered around!

  4. Love the chair cushions, that will be perfect fabric to have in your scraps. I agree with you about the sewing them, not my cup of tea.


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