Monday, July 1, 2013

Scrappy Mat and Coasters

This is a project I did complete two and a half years ago.
I'm on a yahoo group called sewingtotebagsandpurses which I joined when I wanted to learn to make bags about 4 years ago. Kathy the group moderator taught me how to do this kind of patchwork. It was so much fun to learn. Kathy made bags with hers and you can see her bags done like this here. Make sure you pop over to her blog.

Fabrics I used were left over from sheets and pj's I made for hubby.

~ Maria ~


  1. wow..beautiful scarpy piece..lovely binding

  2. Those are beautiful Maria. I love sewing string quilts or crazy quilts using up scraps like this. It's great to sew because there are no rules and you can use up those scraps too. when I feel like sewing, but don't want to think too much about what I am doing, I sew scrappy string quilt blocks.

  3. Hurrah, I can see some wonky stitching! Even though it's meant to be wonky you've made me very happy!


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