Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scrappy Lily Bowl & Plate

A couple of days ago while browsing through Pinterest I came across this tutorial by Michele at michele made me. Pop over and see how pretty hers is.

I just had to make it straight away so dropped what I was doing and made it up yesterday. It's a super quick project that uses up scraps of fabric and batting, something I know we all have alot of.

In the tutorial Michele slip stitches the top and bottom of the bowl and plate together before doing the echo stitching. I'm not keen on hand stitching so I machine stitched mine along the top. I also used interfacing with the batting to make it even more sturdy. Mine's quite stiff and holds it's shape really well.

The only hand stitching I did was around the hexie's on the top and bottom. This one looks a bit messy which will please Samantha but in fact it's the way it came out in the photo. Sorry Samantha. LOLL

I threw in some thread so you could get an idea of the size. It is actually deeper than it looks and could be used for many things in your sewing room or even on a table by the front door for keys, wallet and a cell phone. You could even put sweets in it, or use it on your dresser for jewelery or make up, the list is endless.

I'll definitely be making more of these.

~ Maria ~


  1. Wow that is a gorgeous bowl! I love your colors. I will be checking out the tutorial. I made a similar looking bowl years ago with stiff interfacing but no batting and your zigzagged the edges, but I like the pretty and neat way this bowl looks better. It's like a Dresden plate with fewer blades so it curls up instead of lying flat.

  2. I've come to accept that I am a wonky and you are a straight :)

    I kinda fancy making one of these for our keys now you've said about it. We used to have a bowl but our keys have grown since becoming keyholders for the church and they don't fit anymore. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. HAHA I love finding a project I like so much that I drop everything and try it - your bowl and plate are adorable!

  4. Beautiful Job! I love the colors!!!! It would be nice to do a couple of them and spread through several parts of my house, for keys,for jewelry , for the sewing room .... Thank you for sharing your project and for the link to the tutorial!

  5. Ah Maria! It's wonderful and I'm so glad it all worked for you! It's quite pretty in these darker colours isn't it? Awesome! Would you mind if I linked to it sometime when I do a feature post on the blog? Let me know okay?



  6. Those are so cute! I might need one or ten!


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