Monday, July 1, 2013

Log Cabin MemoriesTable Runner

This runner is kind of special to me because I made the blocks when I was first learning to quilt and didn't have a fabric stash, only remnants from clothes.

This one measures 45" x 17 1/4".

This block has fabric used to make my daughter a couple of dresses, the brown patterned one on the left and the brown and blue patterned one on the right. The dresses were made by my mum so these fabrics I kept for about 20 years.
The light brown along the bottom and center square was from fabric left over from the first bag I made. I'll have to do a post on that soon.

In this block the patterned fabric on the left was fabric I used to make curtains about 25 years ago and the green and red patterned strip along the top was from fabric from a dress made for my daughter when she was little.

In all of these blocks I used a mixture of cottons and home decor fabrics.

I made the blocks using Oh, Fransson's tutorial only mine are more randomly cut as the pieces of fabric I had on hand were all different sizes.

~ Maria ~


  1. The ladies of days gone by sewed the same way - they didn't worry about mixing colours and different fabrics - they made do and used what they had! I think I may have been a pioneer lady in a previous life, because I love sewing that way as well, and I love scraps and remnants - to me a scrap bin is like finding treasure! Of course, I still like buying NEW fabric too, when it catches my eye - I like to cover all bases :D

  2. Dear Maria,
    this table runner is lovely too, I love the autumn colours!

  3. I am sure looking at your runner brings back a lot of great memories. I made a flannel snuggle quilt for my daughter using the scraps I had leftover from making her pajamas over the years. Now her son uses it sometimes. Your runner is beautiful.

  4. OMG! I love the colors!!!!! Thanks for sharing!


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