Monday, November 18, 2013

Last of the Wallets

At least for now this is the last of the wallets that I've been making.

I went to visit my daughter last week for a few days and took one of the blue wallets for her. She had shown the photo to her friend who also liked the blue one so I quickly made another one for her as a gift.

I've enjoyed making these but for now enough is enough. It's time to move onto something new.
I've had a lot of emails asking where the pattern can be found. It was a free tutorial on a blog but the blog has since changed to 'by invitation only' so it can't be accessed.

~ Maria ~


  1. Hello Maria,
    wonderful wallets again!
    Happy new sewing week :O)

  2. Nice wallets - I tend to download my favourite tutorials to my computer because people DO remove them or drop their sites - it's awful to lose the instructions for a great project!

  3. Maria how sweet of you to make another wallet for your daughter's friend too. Do you remember the name of the wallet? I usually download tutorials because they can go away. I might even have this one on my computer, but I don't really know. If I had the name I can check, lol.


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