Monday, November 4, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away

Normally our summers are extremely hot and humid but this year they were cooler although still humid and quite a bit of rain but nothing like the rain we had a few days ago. Just look at the garden photo below, it's more like a swimming pool.

And no the rain didn't wash away hubby's car leaving the tires behind LOLL I use them as planters.

Aren't these colours beautiful.

When the rain finally stopped and a little sunshine came out I took these photos. I love the Autumn colours.

For some reason we don't have as many oranges growing in the garden as last year.

I'm looking forward to picking these straight from the tree to eat. Last years were so sweet and juicy.

Next post I'll be showing you some more of my sewing projects while I was offline.

~ Maria ~


  1. Oh no! You'll have to be careful you're not washed away yourself!!!

  2. We got more rain than usual during our monsoon season this year. We have been in a drought for years, so it was nice. But in Colorado they got flooded! Luckily we didn't have foods her in NM.
    When I lived in California we lived near lots of orange groves. Slowly they were cut down and homes went up
    :0( Hubby and I lived behind a grove of oranges, tangerines and grapefruit when we first got married. I think we picked and ate all the tangerines ourselves, lol!!!!

  3. OMG........Maria...............did you swim away? So many rain! Hope it stopped now!
    Good idea to use old tires for planters ;O)

  4. Well that's surely sewing weather if I've ever seen any :)

  5. Oh MY....can't you email me some of the extra?? It is sooo dry and BROWN here I have almost forgotten what water and green plants even looks like! My garden is shriveling up before my eyes and we have to have quick showers and only use what we have to etc because we are almost out of water! :( I heard on the news yesterday we have had the driest October on record...I believe it too, everything looks dreadful!

  6. Holy smokes that's a LOT of rain --- it's a wonder everything didn't float away, lol!

  7. Looks like a bit of rain there. Definitely a crafty sewing kind of day.
    Glad the tires are there on purpose. LOL


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