Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dotty Make Up Bag

I bought this fabric in three colours about a year ago and didn't really know what to make with it until I came across this tutorial.

The tutorial used an 8" circle for the template but I made mine 10".

It's a very easy pouch to make but the zip can be a bit tricky. If you don't put it in absolutely equal it will twist at the end of your closed zip end. In the photo below you may notice mine twisted just a fraction.

I like how the boxed corners on the inside have binding to give it a neat finish.

 And as you can see there's still loads of room for more make up or whatever you want to use it for.

~ Maria ~


  1. wow...lvoely pouch with pretty fabric..This is my favorite pattern too...perfect pouches for gifting

  2. This is a great shaped bag, Maria... lots of uses.

  3. Oh what a sweet fabrics!
    Love it!

    Have a nice evening,
    I am off knitting again ...LOL...

  4. oh oh...are you going to get a on a pouch roll too ?? LOL

  5. That's pretty - and useful - I love your bright fun fabrics!

  6. will see 20 pouches all lined up? This is very cute Maria...LOVE it!

  7. so cute! I love the shape and the fabrics.

  8. Love it! The combination of the three colors are perfects and I love the shape! Thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial with us, is realmenre appreciated. Glad you you let us know to be careful with the position of the zipper, I personally find that yours is very well done.
    Nice job Maria, I love it :))))))
    Marisa from

  9. Lovely work Maria, been wanting to try that but hesitant.

  10. looks super cute. Great job on the zip!

  11. Love your makeup bag. I have a major love for totes, pouches, etc and I like yours alot. I like that you made it a bit larger than the tute - a girls needs all her stuff, right?

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