Friday, December 27, 2013

Fabric Desk Calendar Tutorial

Hope everyone has enjoyed Christmas and is now getting back into the mood for sewing. I took a couple of days off sewing and last night started clearing clutter from my sewing room and generally tidying it up ready to start again very soon and thought I'd share a lovely project with you to start off the New Year.

I subscribe to emails by Sew Can She and in today's email was this post with the link to the free download.

I wasn't planning on getting back to my sewing just yet but this project might just entice me back to the sewing machine. Wouldn't it look just perfect in any sewing space.

Everyone had been very quite lately on blogs, I'd love to hear from you. When will you be sewing again and have you any particular projects you would like to start with in 2014, or maybe you still have loads of ufo's from 2013? Maybe your list is already a mile long like mine.

Drop by I'd love to hear from you.

~ Maria ~


  1. That looks like a fun and colorful desk calendar, but then you would have to store all those months, days and dates somewhere. I like calendars that I can write on so I don't forget things to do or places to go on those dates. Well I still have a pie of UFO's, but I have a lot of ideas for the new year too. I'm finishing a UFO of my daughter's that I helped her to start a year and a half ago and she barely did anything on it, so in 3 days I finished the blanket stitching and am ready to add the border and quilt it. A gift long overdue for her boyfriend! So mom to the rescue, lol!!!!

  2. Hi Maria,
    this calender is lovely!
    Thank you for showing!
    I am happy to be back blogging now ...LOLLLL...I missed you, my Dear!
    Hopefully I start sewings tomorrow, and my list for the new year is very, very, very long!
    hugs to you,

  3. (Weird stuff this morning - this is the second post of yours where I've posted a comment but it completely disappeared after I clicked on Publish - I think I'm in an alternate universe or something, lol!)

    I'll be able to get back into the sewy swing of things when everybody here gets back to work - they've been off for the holidays so they've either been here at home, or we've been at the older lad's house to help him with move-in stuff - I'll be glad when my schedule gets back to normal!

  4. looks good...
    It has been quiet in blogland, but it always is this time of year. I'm usually the only one around but even I haven't had time to blog this year¬


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