Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa Came On Christmas Day In The Form Of A Postman

For some of you Christmas Day has come and gone and I hope you had a wonderful day with family and friends and for others you will be celebrating it today.

Mine couldn't have been more perfect. While preparing Christmas Lunch the door bell rang. It was the post man who had come bearing gifts from lands afar.

These gifts were a long time coming. In fact one took 25 days and the other 19 days.

Christine from ChrisWDesigns had very kindly sent me the Homespun mag in which my Sugar & Spice bag, which I tested for Christine, had been shown. You can read about it HERE.

I love the internet and getting patterns sent to my email is just amazing and so quick but there is something really special about actually being able to hold a magazine and flick thorough the pages.
My to do list for the new year is already a mile long and these I hope will get done in 2014.
Here are three projects from the magazine that I hope to tackle. All of them very challenging or me and can't wait to start.

This would make a gorgeous wall hanging for my sewing room.

And this would look fabulous on my bed but I think it's a bit to adventurous for me so maybe a table runner.

And this gorgeous bag to go shopping with.

Thanks so much Christine you have no idea how happy you made me on Christmas Day.

Now to Samantha's lovely gift. Samantha from At home with MrsH was supposed to be just sending a card but popped a little gift in too.

Isn't this just beautiful.

Along with the card came an ornament for my tree wrapped in this lovely piece of green fabric and tied with the green and red ribbon. You have no idea how much I fondled that fabric on Chrismas Day LOLLLL
Thanks Samantha I couldn't have wished for anything better and I plan on framing everything for my sewing room. I just can't bare to cut the fabric and want to be able to see your ornament all year round.

Thanks again to both of you. This is one Christmas that I will never forget.

~ Maria ~


  1. How great those goodies arrived on Christmas! I have that same green fabric, although a lighter shade of green I bought few years ago and even have some in pink too. Enjoy your gifts Maria.

  2. Good morning Maria,
    wonderful gifts you got!
    Hope you had a lovely time!

  3. I agree with your picks - those are great projects! I especially love the shopping bag - it looks like the kind where fabric is wrapped around cotton cording - I think one of my sewy friends bought a kit to do that kind of bag - I'll have to check to see if she made it yet :)


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