Monday, March 31, 2014

Another Two

Last day of March and I managed to finish these two wallets for the lady that bought the last three HERE. No she's not a wallet fanatic LOLL she gives them as gifts to family and friends.

I have yet another two cut out on my table. One is from some left over fabric from my paisley blouse. It's satin so I don't know how it will sew up into a wallet. If I make a mess of it I'll still show you.

~ Maria ~


  1. The finishing of these wallets is perfect, you pay so much attention to details! Great job!

  2. Beautiful wallets they would make lovely presents.

  3. I really like the colors in these wallets. Beautiful.

  4. I love those prints - they're perfect for wallets! I agree - you DO pay attention to the small details - it's what makes your projects so professional!

  5. Hi Maria,
    lovely fabrics and wonderful colours :O))))
    Happy evening,

  6. Beautiful! So neatly done. The stitches are so neat. Great work, Maria.

  7. I think you should open a wallet shop Maria! Seriously!! Such perfection and such lovely fabric choices! FABULOUS work!!

  8. Oh they are lovely, I love that fabric! With the satin, I think you'll need to interface it quite heavily, then just sew really carefully with a size 70 needle. If you make a mistake and have to unsew, it will probably show.

  9. They are beautiful. I love the fabrics too


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