Friday, March 7, 2014

Crochet Dishcloths

For ages now I've been seeing beautiful dishcloths on the internet but to be honest with you was a bit revolted at the thought of washing dishes with them. Then while in town a few days ago came across a lady selling some in beautiful wool that looked like grass but in different colours. I bought one to test out and was hooked. These dishcloths are really good!!!! So I decided to go and buy some of the same wool in the colour that I wanted and here they are.

It's very rare you'll find me sitting doing nothing, even watching the tv I have to be doing something else so this was the perfect project. I was so surprised at how quick they came together.

 I love this colour green. Don't you think it looks just like grass?

I washed some dishes with the purple one today and it was perfect but the green ones wash better.
They lather up more.

 I already had the flowers made. You can find the tutorial for them HERE.

I'm going to be making loads more of these once I get some free time. They had some beautiful colours in the shop. The wool I used for the grassy ones is 100% Polyester. I'm not sure what the purple one is as I already had it at home and had thrown away the label.

For the round one I used the tutorial HERE. Where with bag patterns I follow them and rarely change them, crochet is a different matter. I don't use the wool suggested or the crochet hook size so when I made mine I only needed to make 5 or 6 rounds and the beauty of this green grass wool is that all mistakes are well disguised. For the purple one I used this tutorial HERE, again I didn't use the hook or wool suggested but just by chance it came out the size I wanted using the tutorial exactly as it was written except I did two rounds around the four edges instead of once.

Ok, back to sewing again.

~ Maria ~


  1. Good morning Maria,
    those green ones are great ...washing with Gras ...I like that ...LOLLLLL.
    the tiny flowers are lovely too!
    Happy weekend to you,

  2. I see dishcloths online (the knit or crochet ones) and I always wish I could knit or crochet so I could make them - I have some cotton ones made for me by a niece and I LOVE them - I find that they stay "fresh" (as in - not stinky) for longer than store bought polyester or cotton dishcloths :D The grass looking dishcloth is a hoot! What revolts you about the dishcloths you see online?

  3. That wool looks wonderful, it is very, very grass like. I need to google for grassy wool now, I wonder what the search results will bring up!

  4. So fresh post!I like so much the flowers and your "grass"!!!;)
    Happy women's day!!!

    1. Thank you Anastasia and a very Happy Women's Day to you too.

  5. Maria your post looks so much like Spring! I have crocheted and knit dishcloths using cotton yarn, but that green one is an eyelash yarn and I never have seen that kind of yarn used for a dishcloth before, lol!!! I would imagine it would hold the soap better. It might make really good bath washcloths too because they would be so soft on your skin, right? I am so like you when it comes to watching TV I have to knit or hand sew and can't just sit doing nothing, lol.

  6. I thought it was grass on the first picture. :-) It's great when you know how to do so many beautiful things!!

  7. I NEVER would have thought of that idea BUT now I know you have tried it and are happy....hmmmm...I might just make some.....I am like you, I HAVE to be doing SOMETHING! Mind you.....I got the knitting craze a few months ago and started knitting myself a top......I only knitted about 20cm of the back and haven't touched it since! LOLLLL Might have to fish it out again......

  8. That grass yarn is so funny! I never thought I'd like crocheted dishcloths either but they're great!

  9. That grass yarn looks fun. I would go well in fancy dress costumes too I think.

  10. This is very cute, fun, and creative. Just love it. Beautiful work

  11. I wonder if I could make these for scrubbing um.. your legs? I'd love to give them a try.

  12. Thanks so much for sharing with Adorned From Above's Link Party.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly


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