Saturday, March 15, 2014

Time For A Break

This is the last of the orders I have. All necessary sewing is done so now I can concentrate on Spring cleaning. My daughter will be coming in a couple of days so I don't expect to get any sewing done. I'll use this time to take a break so I can start back up again soon. I doubt whether I'll be able to stay away for long.

I still have the Jan and Feb bag of the month to make. If I could get those done in March it would be great. I've still got some sew alongs to catch up on too so a busy time ahead but for now it's time to take a rest.

These three chair seat cushions are for a customer, can't think why they ordered just three, seems a bit of an odd number. Love the colour though. Hey Liz.... don't you just love these LOLLL

I really don't like making all these ties.

I have another two sets of four to make but there's no rush for those.

Although I'm not planning on sewing for a few days at least I do have a couple of posts I'd like to share with you so keep an eye out for those. One involves some restoration.

Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~


  1. Maria those look like soft cushions. 3 is odd, but perhaps it's a family of 3? Or they already had some cushions and need a few more? Enjoy your break from sewing. Have a great time with your daughter too.

  2. Hello Maria, I went into my site to stop the nore-play user. I hope that i fix the problem. I know that the comment box changed, so in hopes that the problem is fixed. I really had no one tell me. So, It is great to have someone bring it to my attention. Thanks

    1. Hi Dawn, the problem still isn't fixed and now when I want to comment on your blog I have to join up to google + which I really don't want to do.

  3. Maybe they have 2 chairs and the 3rd is a spare, lol! Enjoy your break and your daughter - we all need a breather now and then!

  4. Enjoy your break. Sounds like it is not really a break though with cleaning and all. Enjoy your daughter's visit.

  5. Good job, Maria!
    Enjoy your break and have a wonderful new week!

  6. The color is perfect...All that is missing are the white dots!! LOL
    Enjoy your break!!


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