Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's The Little Things In Life That Mean The Most.

On Tuesday morning I had a little parcel delivered all the way from Australia which took about a month to get here.

I'm pretty sure hubby thought I was nuts when he saw my delight at it's contents. To him it meant nothing at all but to me it was like winning the lottery.

The parcel was sent to me by Christine at ChrisW Designs.
The hardware and labels were just beautiful and can't wait for her next bag so I can use them on that.
But what really put a smile on my face was the clever idea of sending me small samples of things used to make bags. Christine knows I can't get hold of the brand names of batting, interfacing, peltex etc and often have to find substitutes for them so Christine sent the samples carefully packed in little zip lock bags each one labeled with its contents. Isn't that just so sweet of her.

Having opened them up and fondled them carefully LOLLL I was really surprised to find that the substitutes that I was using were quite a bit sturdier. Now I know why I used to have so many problems sewing them on my ordinary sewing machine.

 The same day I took all my samples out with me to be able to show the shopkeepers to see if they had anything similar but unfortunately they don't so I'll have to stick with my substitutes which isn't all bad as they've served me well up until now.

These were just fantastic. Christine's next bag will be for the June Bag of the Month Club when I'll be able to use these then. If you'd like to join the Bag Club go HERE to find out all the details.

Thanks a million Christine the hardware and labels are just gorgeous and the samples were such a help. At least now when someone uses the brand names I'll know what they're talking about.

As for sewing I've been busy with a custom order for a couple of table runners. The smallest one is now completed apart from the binding and this is what the second one looks like at the moment. If I could get it sewn up and ready to quilt tomorrow that would be perfect.

I also took a break form sewing today to do a little crochet. I'll show you what I made in a couple of days time.

~ Maria ~


  1. Oh, what a fun package! I can usually get my hands on what I need, but when I read UK or AUS blogs I always wonder if the interfacing I'm using is a good match for what they are.

  2. Maria, such a wonderful package, you lucky one :O))) What a lovely surprise for you!
    The table runner looks great and I am looking forward to see your crotching :O)))
    Happy sewing day,

  3. I already knew Christine was a sweetheart and this is just one more sweet thing she has done to help you. You are her favorite bag tester after all, lol!!! It's no wonder either because like Christine always says you sew so straight and never have a wonky stitch! I can't wait to see the bag Christine designed for the bag-of-the-month club and what fabrics you will choose for that bag to go with your lovely new labels. The table runner is looking great too.

  4. That's a great idea - a sampler of products we see listed in tutorials and patterns! There are lots of new things out there that I have no idea about either - we don't tend to see the new things here in Canada until they've been in the States for years *insert eye rolling here*. Lots of sewers have lists of things we ask friends to pick up for us if they go Stateside - sewing items, food items - even toiletries - it's crazy :D Great hardware too!


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