Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March In Pictures

Another month has gone by and I really didn't think I'd done as much as I have. It was only after looking through my posts that I was quite pleased with what I had achieved in March.

The Convertible Bag was actually made in February but couldn't show it till March so I've included it with the March photos. Also the matching runner and topper was started in February but the bulk of it was done in March. I don't want anyone thinking that all this has been done from start to finish in such a short time.

I have a really busy April ahead of me. Two patchwork bags, three bags of the month and possibly another runner and topper like the two matching ones shown above plus another couple of wallets. I also have more of my daughters fabric to make into table toppers. I'm never going to get all that done but it's going to be fun trying. I work better under stress. LOLL There are also some projects I've seen on blogs I follow that I'd love to do but today is the 1st April so one day at a time.

~ Maria ~


  1. So many gorgeous projects! Wow you have been busy :-)

  2. Now i know where my muse is...she over at your house helping you sew !! LOL

  3. Great results!! May you keep yourself busy sewing!!

  4. Just wondering....do you sleep??? So productive and beautiful as always Maria.

  5. You had a VERY productive month, Maria - when you put everything in a collage like that you get a really good idea of just how much you've completed!

  6. Wonderful, to see them all in one picture! You have been so busy :O)
    Have a happy sewing day :O)

  7. It's always good doing a round up, reminding yourself what you have achieved - think I need to do that too!!


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