Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Necessary Cluch Wallet #8 A Gift For A Friend

My friend Samantha Hussey is expecting a baby girl any time now and she's been very quiet today so for all I know she could be in labor.
Some time ago I saw her mention that she'd love a Necessary Clutch Wallet that she could use across the body. I had been wondering what to send as a gift for her new baby daughter and suddenly thought I'd make the wallet for her instead.

I figured baby Elvis would be getting loads of gifts and poor mum would hardly get any. Such a shame after all the hard work of pregnancy and finally delivery so I decided a gift for Samantha would be better. I made the wallet over 2 weeks ago but had to wait until it arrived in Wales and not England like I wrote on the parcel. The postman was probably not too pleased LOLL

This is the eighth Necessary Clutch Wallet I've made but the first one with a strap and it happens to be my favourite one of them all.

I love the pretty floral fabric, very feminine. It had to be pink becasue she's having a girl.

I love this wallet design and never tire of making it. I really need to make one for myself.

 It has so much room for all the bits and pieces that you carry. Loads of space for cards, cash, lipstick, keys and even your cell phone.

Janelle has a tutorial for adding a long strap or a small one to use as a wristlet. The tutorial is different to how I made mine. Can you believe there's a FB group for this wallet and it was on there that I saw this way of doing the strap.

I highly recommend this wallet, if you would like to make one you can buy the Necessary Clutch Wallet HERE and Janelle also stocks bag supplies and hardware.

Keep checking back as I still have loads more to show you.

Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~


  1. It's beautiful, Maria! What a thoughtful gift--and I'm so GLAD it was redirected safely.

    I've been "checking in" on Samantha's blog and FB page daily, too, just to see if there is any news...:)

    I am almost ready to buy this pattern! I've just had so many other things going; I'm remembering to look at fabric for one when I'm out and about--perhaps when the right fabric shows itself, I'll be in! There are some beautiful NCWs out there. They do make wonderful gifts.


  2. Hi Maria,
    this Wallet is georgeous! and so good idea with the strap. So your friend will have hands free for the Baby :O)
    well done!
    Happy sewing day,

  3. I'm sure Samantha was ecstatic. It is funny how designers rarely have time to sew, especially for themselves. They are too busy sewing mock ups of their new patterns. I've always wanted to try designing but I am too busy sewing! It's gorgeous. I like the placement of the strap there much better. I will have to check out the facebook group.

  4. Oh my goodness I can't believe how different that pattern looks with straps - it's like it's an entirely different project - two for the price of one :D You did an amazing job on the bag - she's going to love it!

  5. Wow, how pretty!! I think this is my favorite one you've made :) Maybe I should upgrade to a grown-up wallet and make one for myself :)

  6. Gorgeous wallet Maria! The pink is so pretty and it would go perfectly with Marilyn's tote bag she just tested, LOL!!! I am sure that Samantha was over the moon when she received it too!

  7. So nice of you to make this one for Samantha. I see you're hooked on making these. They're lots of fun to make and yours is lovely!

  8. What a thoughtful and wonderful gift for a new mom. I agree, the moms need gifts too. And she gets the extra bit of love that gets sewn in with each of ulyour fine stitches.

  9. That looks so lovely! Sam is sure to love it. I usually try to give a gift for mum as new mums get overlooked and do all the hard work; not to forget how many baby gifts tend to pile up.
    We'll have to get you to do a tips post on making this purse. It has been only wish list for a while ... I am sure I will get to it eventually.

  10. Gorgeous !!! Very nice gift for the new mum, Samantha will love it


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