Saturday, September 20, 2014

Nickle Zipper Ends, The Search Is On

If you follow my blog regularly you'll have noticed that I've found some nickle zipper ends to use on my bags and pouches rather than make fabric tabs which I really don't like having to sew up even though they look cute.

If you're new to my blog theses are the ones I mean.

Since then the hunt has been on by a couple of bag designers that I test for to find them. One of those is Samantha Hussey from At home with Mrs H. They're not exactly like mine but are a beautiful alternative, in fact I think they're prettier than mine.

Go HERE to check out her zipper ends and you'll also find a link to a free tutorial she has on how to install them. 

Speaking of Samantha, she sent me a little parcel a while back which I wanted to share with you. She tried her best to keep the contents a secret till it arrived but I can't wait for surprises so I managed to get it out of her. LOLL I was still jumping up and down with joy when it came and I opened it up. It reminded me of Christmas when I was a kid. LOLL

These are the fabric scraps she sent me, aren't they just gorgeous. Thanks Samantha, you're a sweety.

And look at the adorable plastic bag she found to send them in.

Thanks so much Samantha. I'm keeping them to one side for the moment becasue I want to use these very wisely.

~ Maria ~


  1. Hi Maria, I'm sure you'll find the perfect project to use those fabrics that Samantha has sent to you , they are just beautiful. Thanks for the link to the tutorial where Samantha shows us how to use these zipper ends. By the way I want to tell you who your pouches are beautiful !!!
    Have a nice day. Marisa :)

  2. Maria, I was just thinking a couple of days ago about this and thought about using ribbon crimp ends too, lol!!! Since so many people are using those for making key fobs, I thought they would work for zipper ends too. Love your last zip bag with the exterior pocket too. Which pattern is that one from? Thanks for linking this to my link party too.

  3. Pretty scraps :) Those zipper ends are pretty cool - I like that they have a loop for a charm - they can really be personalized to the project!


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