Sunday, September 7, 2014

Seventeen Wallets, Seven Fabric Baskets And A Puppy

Seems like these days I'm making a lot of secret projects that I'm testing and can't show until the patterns are released. I just finished another today so in order to keep you checking in on me and not running away I stopped my testing for a couple of days and made these cute wallets and fabric baskets.

This has got to be one of the simplest and quickest wallet tutorials I've come across, ever.
The pattern is by Noodlehead and is a free tutorial for a boys wallet. I don't really have the need to make boys wallets so made mine in girly floral fabrics.

I chose four different floral fabrics for the outside of the wallet and three different pinks for the inside.

My leaning Tower of Pisa.

There's a slip pocket for cash and four card slots.

I also made seven fabric baskets that I originally saw on my friend Lorena's blog.

And if I didn't have enough on my plate, in between making all these, my son came home with a tiny puppy he found wandering around lost in the middle of the street. He put him in the car and by the time he got home the puppy was fast asleep on the floor with it's head under the front seat. I found a box for him and put in an old sheet, took him out of the car carefully and placed him in the box. It was pretty hot and humid that night so he was happier sleeping on the cool stone floor.

He woke, obviously very hungry and not knowing much about dogs got in touch with my friend Toby who has loads of dogs plus she's on a dog group. I gave her the details and was told to feed him rice and chicken. By now it was midnight so I gave him some digestive biscuits crushed with some milk. That wasn't a good idea becasue it went straight through him and when I woke in the morning after only three hours sleep he'd pooped all over the place. I cooked him his chicken and rice broth which he loved and couldn't get enough of and then took him to the vet. We had managed to find him a good home on a farm with another dog and a rabbit LOLL. My son had always wanted a dog and was hoping we'd keep this one but after one sleepless night and a load of poop everywhere I think he was more than happy to give him away.

It took me most of the morning to clean his mess up outside and was left exhausted by lack of sleep and worry for this helpless little thing and after I'd had a good two hours sleep I managed to get back to my sewing. I swear that looking after a puppy is harder than looking after a baby.

One last thing before I go, becasue of so much spam on my blog coming into my email I have changed the comments setting on my blog to 'Registered User includes openID'. I'm sorry if this causes problems for you leaving a comment but I don't want to put my blog on moderation unless it's absolutely necessary. After a while I'll put it back to how it was and see if the Anonymous comments stop coming in.

Thanks for stopping by.
~ Maria ~


  1. That's a lot of wallets!!! I like the pinks. I have that pattern/tutorial but haven't made it yet. I was waiting until my grandson got a bit older and needed a wallet. Oh the puppy is cute, but then they are all cute when they are pups.Glad he went to a good home.
    I've been busy with testing a pattern that I am going to finish this morning and then I got another test bag that came in from the same designer today, so I will get started on that one later today. Haven't heard anything about the other bag to test that you said you had to drop out of testing. Probably good for now, since I am busy, LOL!!!

  2. I have that wallet tutorial, too and NEVER thought of just changing the fabric to girly fabric!!! LOL! Thank you, they are gorgeous :)
    Oh, puppies and kittens are so glad he went to a good home, they are a lot of work...and mischief!!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwww it was so nice of you to take care of the puppy (or the little pooper, HAHA) and then find a good home for him :) Sweet wallets and baskets - I hope you did them all assembly-line style, lol! I made some of them (the wallets) for the little boys in the family last year - I put pretend charge cards in them for fun (gift cards from various department stores, but without $$ loaded on to them) - they were a big hit :)

  4. Hi Maria, have been so busy!
    The Puppy is so sweet...good, you found a good new home for him! I don't know, if I woudl have been so good and give him away again ;O)
    Happy new week,

  5. Wow! That's a lot of wallets and baskets. Both are very nice. Sweet of you to find the puppy a nice home. Our fur baby's rule our home, but they also help us to stay fit because they need to be exercised a lot.

  6. Busy, busy, busy! Love the pink wallets. And the puppy. Hubby has wanted a new dog since we lost our last one 11 years ago, but they are so much work when pups.

  7. OMG you've been very busy !! those wallet are lovely and thanks for the pattern I'm going to make one for my son. The baskets are cute to, very nice fabric.
    And that puppy awww so cute, but a lot of work too, glad that you find him a nice home

  8. After a month or so the mess does get less, and sleeping through the night without night time toilet visits starts to become reality.... ask me how I know ;) Mine is 7 months old now but it was SO HARD at first, I got nothing done because of the constant supervision! Now I give him a bone and tell him to go away so I can sew. That little guy looks a bit too young (less than 8 weeks) to be away from his siblings, I hope the rest of them are OK, if there are more from his litter.

  9. You did such a great job! I love the fabric you used for the wallets, so cute!


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