Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Mississippi Bag

I'm back again with yet another bag that I made a few days ago but had to go onto the blogging queue. Today I'm going to show you The Mississippi Bag I made.

It was back in August when I came across Sarah Goodall's bag patterns at Numbskull Patterns and did a post about it HERE. I begged her to let me be one of her testers and she agreed. Sarah also let me choose one of her patterns to try out before I started testing and I chose this one.
Isn't it a beautiful design. When I first saw the pattern I kind of sighed and thought 'no photos'. I'm a visual sewer so love loads of colourful photos of the steps but as I read on and then started making the bag was really surprised at how well written the pattern was. All the instructions are in perfect order with clear digital illustrations and what I really loved is that there's a pattern piece for every part of the bag, even the strap which I hate having to measure out. Another thing I liked about the pattern was that each step flowed into the next, there was no making a certain part of the bag and then putting it to one side to use again later on.

There are two version to the bag, you can choose to quilt it as I did or leave it plain. Sarah's bag is quilted in a cross over line design and there is a free download on instructions on how to do that too. I chose to do mine in wavy lines becasue I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered to be accurate doing the cross over lines but I'm really pleased with the result.
Under the main flap that has a button closure there is a slip pocket with a another flap and button closure. I have a press at home so made these fabric buttons to match the bag.

 If you wanted you could put this slip pocket onto the back of the bag.

 I love the wavy quilting and will be using this more often.

I take awful photos of the inside of bags. This bag has a large slip pocket inside and you can't see from the photos but it's the exact same shape as the slip pocket and main flap as the outside of the bag. 

Today I finished testing my first bag for Sarah and it's another beauty. I'll be able to show you that one as soon as all the testers have finished making the bag and the pattern is released.

I've still got a few more things to show you but have to wait for pattern releases on those so tomorrow I'll be back her again, are you sick of the sight of me yet LOLL, to show you what I bought while I was away visiting my daughter.

Hope you'll be back
Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~


  1. Beautifully done, Maria! This is a really nice-sized bag, and the quilting is beautiful. You indicate that wavy lines are easier--but I have no idea how they're done!! I think they're very artistic. :) Do you have any special equipment you use to do them?

    I think Sarah is pretty clever the way she's designed and named her bags. My state bag is there--it was fun to find it and see what she came up with. I think she nailed it pretty well!

    I'm enjoying all the projects that you have been sharing on your blog--and I'm amazed at how much you've managed to accomplish! :) Looking forward to what you have next!


  2. Hi Maria,
    you are so good in sewing those wonderful Bags!
    Have a nice evening, I am off now, having a hot bubble bath ;O)

  3. It's very hard to take photos of the inside of a bag - there's no way to light it up properly! I love your wavy quilting - I prefer it to straight line quilting - it's more "organic", and it's way easier to do :) BTW - don't forget - it's a design decision, not laziness! ;)

    Very pretty bag, by the way!

  4. Beautiful Maria. Can't wait to see the next one and your purchases.

  5. Cute bag! Love the shape of the flap and front pocket. That quilting job on it looks great!

  6. Beautiful! That looks like a large bag. I too love to quilt wavy lines as I find it easier too and yes you don't have to be perfect, lol!!! But I also love that look of the wavy lines too. I know I was finishing up a lot of things and had post after post for a while too and then it seems like there is nothing to post for a week or two and then several things again all at once. I guess that's how it goes.

  7. I love the look of the wavy quilted lines. Another beautiful bag.
    I am always impressed that there is never so much as one stitch out of place; not one. When I have done a little bit of machine quilting I sometimes found I would pull a tad too much one way of the other making just one stitch jump a bit. I am totally envious of having an industrial machine - does it make such things smoother?

  8. What a lovely bag :-) I think the wavy quilting complements the cute shape of the bag.

    I agree about making one bit of the bag and then putting it aside for later. It may mean the bag makes up quicker at the end, but it's not nearly so satisfying!

  9. I should try this one ;) I live on the Mississippi! Nancy


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