Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy


It's been a week since I've posted so thought I'd just quickly drop in and let you know I'm still around.

No, I haven't been partying LOLLLL these are for 4 dresden plate table toppers that I'm making for a lady who ordered them. She saw one I had made some time ago and wanted some. I explained I might not have the same fabrics but she said it didn't matter.

This is the one she saw.

 Opps!!!! I've just spotted a pin in there. LOLL I didn't have the red cherry fabric or the purple but found one similar and changed the cherry one to a darker flower one. Hope she likes them.

This last week I've also finished testing a bag for Christine and will post more about that when the other testers have finished theirs. Make sure you don't miss that post it's a smasher. Before I get too overcome with excitement and give anything away I'd best get back to some sewing. 

Happy Sewing everyone.

~ Maria ~

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  1. What an absolutely STUNNING table topper! I WANT ONE TOO!!!!!


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