Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Needle Case


I've completed my first needle case that I've been needing for a very long time. I'm using mine for my sewing machine needles and have labeled each section with the size of needle.
This is part of the sew along I've just started taking part in, I'm a bit late as it started in January but it's going to be fun catching up and the prizes aren't until the end of the year so there's still a chance.
Check out all the wonderful tutorial links and photos of past projects of people who are joining in here at

Here's mine.

I'll be making a different one this afternoon.

~ Maria ~


  1. That's great Maria! I need one for my machine needles too. I have made several for hand needles, but there is only enough space for a few needles so I couldn't use those for machine needles. I saw a couple of tutorials a while back like the one you made. I've also seen where you can make a pincushion that has sections (like the tomato style) and write the needle names in each section too.

  2. Very pretty - love the floral fabric! I have a similar needlecase right here in the family room - sometimes I do hand-stitching on the couch while I watch TV with hubby, so I have a container with thread, scissors, and my needlecase - and a fantastic Ott lamp!

  3. Hi Maria..I never thought about using a needle case for sewing machine needles! Great idea! ♥

  4. GORGEOUS case Maria! How come you are so good at choosing just the right fabrics for each project? Can you teach ME??? LOLLL....what a great idea too.....I might add!

  5. Just had to pop over from the link on Sandra's blog to see what needle case you were working on. It looks great and that's a really good way to organized the different sized sewing machine needles!

  6. Cute version of my needle-case tutorial. I see Liz led you to it. I have made so many of these since I first published my tutorial years ago. Hope you enjoy it.
    Hugs Khris


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