Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moderated Blogs


I'm still around for the moment but just a few days ago someone posted onto my blog and rather than a name a load of numbers and letters were present. It seemed a bit weird but the comment was nice, nothing malicious. Soon after my monitor started getting all these lines going across it and then a greenish white screen would appear. After restarting it a couple of times it seemed fine. Then yesterday my monitor packed up. Luckily my son has his own computer so I borrowed his. Connected it up and had no problems all day until today. After finishing what I was doing I turned off my computer but later when I tried to turn it on I noticed his monitor wouldn't go on. At first I was panic stricken, not only has mine died on me now I've killed of his too. LOLLLLL He's not going to be happy.

I quickly returned his to his room and turned his computer on to test it and it was working fine so I came back to my room and connected up mine again to see if it would work or not and it did. Very strange, which got me to thinking it can't be my monitor that has the problem it must be my hard drives. I'm writing from mine now while it's working. Could it be that this comment has done something to my computer, a virus maybe?

I took my blog off moderation a while back because I found that when I go to blogs there's nothing I hate more than having to type in a code to prove I'm human and then waiting for the comment to be moderated.
I'm going to see what happens with my computer but if I find that it's because of this comment that was left on my blog then I'll have no choice to revert back to moderating.

How does everyone else feel about moderation and typing in codes? Does it put you off commenting? I'd like to know as I love hearing from my followers and wouldn't want you to stop commenting just because of a code.


~ Maria ~


  1. Normally I don't like to type codes as I'm impatient, but now that I'm aware that a virus might be able to sneak onto your computer somehow through unmoderated comments I'll be a little more patient with anyone who has them enabled. Hope everything works out ok--computer troubles are beastly!

  2. Hate typing in codes, hate viruses, love chocolate x

  3. Hate typing in codes, hate viruses, love chocolate x

  4. I hate typing in codes because they're mostly illegible. Blogger is TERRIBLE for that - sometimes I've had to try 5 or 6 times to get the code right! I decided that if Blogger doesn't accept my code after the first or second try, I'm just not going to comment :D I prefer that comments be moderated - that way I've posted what I want to post, and the blogger can control spam - win win :)

  5. Hi Maria,
    I still patient, usualy is not a code that stopps me commenting :)!
    Have a wonderful week!

    Hugs from Portugal
    Ana Love Craft

  6. I moderated my comments when I started my blog because of getting too much SPAM. I rarely received comments other than SPAM then. SO I took off the moderation and the word verification and I did receive more comments and the SPAM goes into the SPAM comments and doesn't get posted. I know I do not like word verification as it is hard to read and I don't like to write a comment and then after all that not have it published because I cannot read the words/numbers. I think most people stop commenting when they have too many hoops to jump through. I want to make it easy for people to comment and not harder. However, if you got a virus, and I'm not techy enough to know if you can get a virus through a comment, I would probably moderate the comments because it still makes it easy to comment, but just don't turn on the word verification.

  7. I can't say I have ever heard of it being possible to catch a virus by someone commenting on your blog.....unless perhaps they leave a link and you click on it? I have had my blog moderated since I started....BUT......I have found most of my comments come to me via email and have very few comments on the actual I started to wonder if it is something to do with the moderation.....LOLLL.....Anyway, I've changed my blog now and will see if that makes any difference! I might have to POST that I have actually removed the moderation or else those readers that would normally post BUT don't because they don't like the moderation, won't know I've changed it! But then again.....maybe if I post about it, it will encourage those clown spammers who like to post GARBAGE just for the sake of it! Oh Hmmmmmmmm The problems! LOLLLL

  8. I hate those flippin codes with a passion, especially now that they're double barrelled....and the last week or so, if your blog has word verification on it, no matter how much I want to leave a comment....I ain't leaving one....just saying!

    Love and hugs
    Nomie xxxx

  9. P.S. If you have any concerns though, I think most people don't mind leaving a comment and awaiting it to be approved by the blog owner....I know I don't mind my comment being vetted by the author of the blog and then it's up to them if they want if on there or not :o)

    Nomie xxx


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