Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Table Runner & Coasters


This took a little longer than I thought. In fact the coasters took me longer than the table runner. I must remember never to bind coasters again. Sewing up the seams on the binding was so fiddly. The table runner measures 16.5" x 41.5" and the coasters 4 3/8" x 4 3/8".

This was one piece of fabric so there was no piecing to do.

The back I just did in a plain fabric and the binding from the same fabric as the back.

There was just enough fabric to make one of these little fabric baskets. The tutorial can be found at

If you notice the inside I've sewn my layers together. That's not in the tutorial but I find it makes it sturdier.
And one last photo. It wouldn't be complete without some matching pumpkins. I actually made these a few days ago, remember my pumpkin post, the colours matched perfectly.

As usual after each sewing project it's off to clean my sewing room. I always say I'll be tidy and organized while I'm sewing but I just can't seem to manage that. It really is like a bomb site. LOLLL

~ Maria ~


  1. Lovely fabrics in your table runner and you did a great job on your coasters!,

  2. Beautiful table runner, coasters, pumpkins and basket. I am quilting a fall table runner now too and I'll post it on the next blog hop I'm doing in Oct. I should have it done by then, I hope :0)

  3. I love your purple table runner and coasters. They are simple beautiful!! Come over and join me at

  4. Maria, I love your table runner, the coasters, the pumpkins, and the basket all you've done is beautiful as always. I love the colors, and I really liked the photo of the pumpkins on the table runner, they are beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration! Marisa.

  5. Love the table runner...don't you just love cheater fabrics ! LOL
    When your done cleaning oyur sewgn room...can you pop over and do mine ?? LOL

  6. Hi:
    You do such an awesome job, where do you find these fabrics? I have looked and looked and cannot find them. Thanks for sharing.


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