Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumn Table Runner


The other project I made after my cushions was a table runner in Autumn colours. I'm sure there are many serious quilters out there who would be horrified at the fabrics I used. Not quilting cottons but a mixture of upholstery and home deco fabrics. If you follow my blog regularly you may recognize these fabrics.

Doesn't ring a bell. Well I made the Sidekick Tote Bag by Noodlehead with the center striped fabric.

And with the border fabric I made the K.I.S.S Clutch by ChrisWDesigns.

I love how the colour of the border changes colour in different light and position.

Doing the back is always a bit of a problem. I can never decide on which fabrics and colours to choose so I used the same as the binding. My next project is some more cushions, plain ones this time and I also made a bag with this fabric. All I can say is I hope whoever buys my bags doesn't visit the person that buys my table runners. LOLLLLL

~ Maria ~


  1. Nice!!I like fabrics and colours!

  2. It looks great Maria. I imagine it's a bit thicker to quilt through, but it looks like you managed to do a fine job.

  3. LOVE this Maria!! Yes.....hopefully the person buying your bags doesn't visit the person buying your table runners....or worse, maybe they will be RELATED! LOLLLLL

  4. Gorgeous fabrics - the tablerunner looks like it was made with woven ribbon!

  5. I love this table runner! The colors and the texture are so unique. They look very good on your wooden table.


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