Monday, January 7, 2013

Diamond Dish Drainer

First finish of the year.
I posted about this dish drainer on the 1st Jan and it's taken me longer than hoped as I ran out of thread and had to wait for the two day holiday to finish before I could buy more.
This was ordered by a lady who wants to use it to drain her dishes on when she has guests.

It measures 80cm x 125cm.

I used the machine method of sewing on the binding to the back of the dish drainer and then folding it over to the front to stitch, so much quicker than doing it by hand and kinder on the eyes.

I bought fabric for the backing and thought I'd wash it first. Good job I did because the colour ran. Went out and bought another and that one ran too. By this time I was going to just put a white fabric on the back but the lady wanted it green so off I went and bought a third piece. This one was fine.

Whilst making this I also cut up squares to make a rag quilt but ran out of fabric so now need to buy more.
Tomorrow I'll be starting on a test bag so everything else gets put on hold until that one's finished.

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  1. Hi Maria...
    It turned out just perfect!!! Great job~ Love the back color too~ It pops~ ♥♥♥

  2. Hi Maria,
    Oh so amazing result for your quilting,I love combination of the fabrics.
    pretty dish drainer..compliment to you
    Have a nice weekend

  3. Great drainer pad - love the ginghams! Sorry about the fabrics running though - sometimes you suspect (or know) in advance that you have a "runner", but sometimes it sneaks up on us! Lucky Americans can buy "colour catcher sheets" but we can't get them in Canada yet. I buy some whenever I go Stateside and use them to prewash my new fabrics - they work great at catching the dye in the wash water :)

  4. You ran out of fabric?! Seriously Maria? What kind of hoarder...I mean crafter are you? You should have cupboards overflowing with the stuff lol!xx

  5. Beautiful, just beautiful, I love the combination of colors. You did an amazing job! I love the quilting that you did, just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.
    Marisa from

  6. looks great! i just use a towel when my actual drainer is full.

  7. This looks great! I've made a couple of dish drainers in the past, but I used terry cloth for the backing on the ones I made. Of course, terry cloth probably doesn't come in green, either!

  8. What a pretty way to drain the dishes!


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