Saturday, March 9, 2013

Meet My New Zoje

After waiting nearly two weeks after ordering my new industrial sewing machine it finally arrived this afternoon.

I was all excited when it arrived and quickly put it in its place thinking I'd be able to sew straight away. Then after sitting and admiring it for a few minutes I just wanted to cry. Hubby had paid alot of money for this machine and I couldn't even work out how to wind the bobbin or thread it. The picture in the instruction manual was useless, or at least it was to me. I couldn't make head or tail of it plus there were no instructions for bobbin winding.

Just pushing the ON button was such a stressful experience. I eventually managed to wind the bobbin and thread the machine. Now for the sewing. I must have put my foot on the pedal down by about two millimeters and it just shot off like a Ferrari. Now I really did want to cry. I'm so used to my home sewing machine which I can control with such ease that I didn't think I'd ever be able to sew straight with this one.

After it arrived at the shop I went to have a look at it and noticed this handle on the front. I made a joke to the shopkeeper saying that must be to hold on for merry hell when you're sewing. He said no that's so when you lean forward the metal thingy, I've forgotton the name, that moves up and down when you sew doesn't poke you in the eye. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!

This metal bit in front of the needle must be where the thread goes I said, no he said, that's a guard so you don't sew your fingers. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! what have I bought. This thing is going to chew me up and spit me out.

The metal handle going across is the back stitch handle.

This lever below the table brings the presser foot up and down when pushed sideways with the knee.

This is my test piece. I started from the right. Some improvement. I don't think I'll be making any of the test bags in a hurry but it does sew through four layers of pleather as if it was slicing though butter, I've been told it can cope with eight layers.

So after all this what do I think. Well it's a wonderful machine that can cope with alot of heavy duty work but it's alot of money to invest if you're just planning on making bags for yourself. I've been selling my bags for a while now and my ordinary machine couldn't cope with the fabric thickness I was asking it to sew. Eventually I'll make good use of it but for the moment I'll have to be content to learn how to sew in a straight line and try to control the speed so I can sew something other than straight lines. LOLLL

~ Maria ~


  1. OK take a breath it gets easier. Two words of advise don't step on the pedal and floor it, ease into it. You are not in the Indy race. lol Also always use your knee to raise the pressure foot it is so much easier, less stress on your hand/wrist. But remember when you go back to your normal sewing machine you can move your knee to the right all you want but the pressure foot will not go up for you. (You will catch yourself doing that in a few weeks, it will happen.):)

    I'm so glad that you got it, you will fall in love with it and your other machine will just sit there. Just think of what you can sew now.

  2. WOW! That's one cute unicorn looking sewing machine. Except there's no head with a horn, or hooves, or tail. Details, details. If it makes you feel better, the bit protecting you from the uppdy downy bit sounds like a good idea, I used to have a machine that when I was leaning forwards concentrating it kept bonking me on the forehead and I ended up with an almost permanent bruise there in the end lol

  3. OH Maria, Your new machine is wonderful!!! Congrats! I love straight lines~ ♥♥♥

  4. Ohh.. I've been waiting for this post! I too would be intimidated..

    I have read you can put a tennis ball under the pedal to help control the speed. There are also speed reducer or a different kind of motor (servo motor) that you can switch to to control the speed if you feel you need more control of it.

    I'm sure you'll get used it and will be whipping out bags with it soon enough.

  5. That Zoje is a beauty. I'm sure you will get used to sewing on it and will love it. Going back to your regular machine will seem like going back to the dark ages because it will feel soooo slow. Can you drop the feed dogs or does it have a plate to cover the feed dogs for free motion quilting? I have a semi-industrial machine and I love quilting on it as it goes so much faster and can sew through thick materials too.

  6. Wow that's some machine! Funnily enought I got a new machine for mother's day too, and it's so wonderful, but lots of new things to get used to so I can completely relate. Have you looked on You Tube for tutorials? I have been watching loads, (I have a Bernina 550 QE) and it's so much more helpful than looking at a photograph. Looking forward to seeing what you make with yours!

  7. Oh Maria, I laughed so hard when I was reading this post, LOL!! You need to march your butt to the store and have them give you a lesson so you can get comfortable with your wonderful new machine! You'll be fine when you get more used to it - it'll be eating pleather for breakfast, LOL!

  8. Hi Maria,

    this machine looks like my Jack, and I am in love with it; my mechanic adjusted something at it and I use it for free motion quilting. I thought the same as you, it is speedy, but it is something you will love, it requires just a little practice.
    Don't you love the large space under the arm ? Mine measures a little more than 10 inches. Happy sewing with it.

  9. That is a workhorse, what a dream machine. Happy sewing.

  10. Maria, first of all congratulations on your new machine! I'm sure that with time and practice you'll love it. I bought a few months ago a used industrial sewing machine, did not come with the manual! but luckily I found the manual online. It was very helpful, now I have to admit that what scares me most of my machine, is speed! I told to myself that with practice, I'll end up using it more often. But still that I have not used enough to be comfortable with it. I know that you'll love your new baby! is like every new toy, we have to learn to play with! Have a happy sewing day!
    Marisa from

  11. Maria, I forgot to tell you something important, your new machine ... looks beautiful!!!!!!

  12. That's one heavy duty machine! Hopefully you can find some tutorials on line by other users to help you out. I would definitely be intimidated by that beast. Sounds like it will be a worthy investment for your business, though. Just guard those fingers! ;-)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I bow down to you for your sewing prowess. I'm just a beginner and eager to grown as a sewist! Just need to find the time to work on sewing projects.

  13. Do you have any resources for troubleshooting, maintenance, breaking needles, thread tension help, timing, etc on the Zoje? I have searched the internet and can not seem to find anything. I have cried so many times out of frustration on a machine that I paid almost $3k for that (seemingly) refuses to work when needed. I have two Kenmore home machines that are more dependable and reliable than this machine that has barely sewn anything in the year I've had it. Please, any help is appreciated as I have had to cancel several customers orders due to it. Thank you.


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