Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Pincushions

A couple of days after doing my swan pincushion tutorial here I decided to make another pincushion for my room.

I've been trying my best to use them but I still seem to be leaving a lot of pins lying around so I guess I'll have to make more to scatter around until all my pins are where they should be.

I've just finished testing a bag for Samantha which was to be finished by the 23rd. I can't wait to show it to you. I'm delighted with the way it came out. In the meantime I have to tidy the bombsite of a sewing room and then perhaps make some more pincushions before I start sewing again.

~ Maria ~


  1. Love the touch of the fabric flower on your pincushion. Yes make more and scatter them about wherever you go. Even if you don't use them they look so darn cute!

  2. Very pretty - the flower adds the perfect touch!

  3. Hi Maria,
    such a pretty Pincushion :O)
    Happy day to you,

  4. Such a cute pin cushion! I want some! LOL

  5. Maybe you should get a little plastic bowly plate thing and glue a magnet underneath so you can just toss the pins into it rather than have to push them into a pin cushion, that might help :D I'm too lazy for pin cushions and favour the 'I'll find it with my foot' method lol

  6. Really cute pincushion!!! I really like the flower! I'm pinning this!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party


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