Sunday, August 25, 2013

Days to Remember

What a wonderful afternoon I had yesterday. After finishing making my daughters fruity placemats I went to look for some cassette tapes and story books that I had kept from when the kids were small. My daughter has started teaching English during the summer to small children, as a foreign language, and wanted me to find all her old books from when she was small. I found a mountain of them and also a few of when I was at school. Now these are antiques LOLLL

So many fond memories came flooding back.

This one was from 1974 which in case you're wondering makes me nearly 50 years old. LOLLLL I can still remember reading through it when I was 11 years old.

Back then it was only 70p, those were the days.

 Then I came across this one 'My Learn To Sew Book'

I used to love this book and would make several things from it. Mum was an excellent seamstress so there was always loads of fabric. In fact there were boxes and wardrobes full of it. She was definitely a fabraholic, now I know who I take after. LOLL

This was one of my favourite past times. Making furniture for the cardboard dolls houses I used to make and for those of you in the UK you may remember Blue Peter, I loved watching that and getting ideas on how to recycle.

DId my love for sewing start from here?

It seems like alot of the things I make are related to what's in this book.

Who would have thought back then I'd be doing bag testing so many years on.

Seems like the clothing part wasn't a hit though.

Many years later when my daughter was born, she's now 24, I referred back to this book and made this rag doll for her.

And guess what, I found the doll yesterday also.

I think she needs some tidying up and a wash after all this time. I'll probably make her a new dress and re plait her hair.

Last of all I found this book. Cooking with Mother by Lynne Peebles who is the lady in the photo and also happened to be our Home Economics teacher in school.

One of the first things we learned to make was chocolate crunchies.

It was so much fun going down memory lane. Today I'm going to give my new found books a careful wipe down and display them in my sewing room.

~ Maria ~


  1. how wonderful!! Gosh...brought tears to my sweet...all those books and your memories. love your doll too!

  2. Don't you love those old books? Such and innocence to them.

  3. I'm so old that MY school books included "Caring for your Pet Dinosaur" and "How to Repair your Covered Wagon Cover" :D

  4. Oh no, now I've got a taste for chocolate crunchies!! :)

    I love old books, they're so beautiful and look gorgeous displayed! I found a McCalls book of sewing for £1 in the charity shop on Friday, it's from 1974 lol!!

  5. what a wonderful trip down memory lane! I remember the style of the "cooking with mother" book, if not that particular one.

    By the way, I've noticed you often post several posts one after the other, do you want me to show you how to schedule them so they go out one a day?


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