Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Awful Dress

About a couple of months ago I found a pattern for a dress in a Burda magazine that looked gorgeous on the nice slim model.
I'd made the blouse version several times and liked the way it looked on me so thought the dress would too. Oh boy was I wrong. It looked awful.

I don't know if it was the busy fabric or what it was but it made me look twice the size I am and put years on me, I'm nearly reaching 50 so that's the last thing I want LOLL. I asked for hubbies and son's opinion and they said definitely not.

You can't really tell from the photo but it has a cut around the body just above the third button and two darts under the bust so that it's a kind of an A line when worn or rather more like a sack of potatoes on me. LOLL

I love the buttons though.

So now what to do with it. After having it crumpled up in a corner for some time I thought I'd take it to my daughter and see what she thought. She didn't like it on me either so I told her to try it on and I was astonished at the difference. It fitted her perfectly and she looked so nice in it. Problem solved, she is now the new owner of my dress. Oh to be youthful looking!!

~ Maria ~


  1. visiting from sew many ways. What a great post. So many people only post the good stuff. Love that someone looks great in it.

  2. The dress looks great, even if it doesn't look great on YOU :D But think of it this way - you're the same size as your daughter - that's something I would boast about ... if I had a daughter and wasn't still carrying baby weight from my 24 and 23 year old sons ... ROTFLMAO!!!

    Speaking of baby weight, I was at the grocery store yesterday - DS23 was with me and I was joking with the cashier about still carrying baby weight. My son didn't think it was as funny as the cashier and I did, LOL!!! He knows it's COOKIE weight, not BABY weight :D

  3. Maria you did a beautiful job making the dress. I have that problem all the time too because we can't try on the styles before we make them...or knit them. But what a happy ending that it not only fit your daughter but looked good on her too. Those are great looking buttons.

  4. The dress looks great. I am glad you daughter can wear it!

  5. Belts are miracle things on sack dresses, but they always seem to end up wiggling around on me and the buckle ends up around the back LOL!

  6. I struggle with dresses .. just this year I started wearing skirts and sun dresses and have made myself three skirts, two wearable .. the third one looked hideous on me.


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