Thursday, August 22, 2013

Placemats For My Kitchen

I just recently made a table cloth for the kitchen and covered it with clear pvc to make it easier to keep clean, only problem is that the plates stick to it so I made some place mats for us to use everyday.

This is the back.

The table is a white plastic table that has groves in it that's why you can see the lines showing through.

Can you see the pvc over the cloth? I'm thinking the table cloth is on the dark side. I have the same fabric in yellow, do you think that would look better with these place mats or should I leave the green one?

~ Maria ~


  1. You have ben very busy, Maria! Those placemats are wonderful!

  2. Very elegant - make the yellow gingham too, then you'll have twice the looks :D

  3. Looks great Maria. Place some of that yellow gingham under one of the placemats to see how it looks compared to the green gingham and then you will be able to decide which looks better to you.

  4. I like the green for Autumn and then Christmas...just over 120 days to go!!! :P

  5. Lovely! Something I've never made and should .. a little FMQ is always good too :))


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