Friday, August 23, 2013

Pj's For Hubby

Oh boy I'm so bad!!!!! Poor hubby has been asking me to make him another pair of pj bottoms for him and I've been so busy with other things that I just didn't have time for him. I nearly fell over laughing a while back when I saw him walking around in a pair of old pj's that had ripped at the knee and he had decided to take the scissors to them and make them into shorts. LOLLLLLL Ok I got the message.

So yesterday I decided to put my daughters place mats on hold and make hubby a pair of pj's. I figured if I left it any longer he'd be down to his underpants. LOLLL

My son had a good time laughing saying his dad looked like a convict in them. LOLLL Hubby chose the fabric but mostly because of the quality rather than the design but I think they look nice. Kids!!!!!!!!! The fabric was actually for sheets, 100% cotton. Nice and cool for our hot, humid summers. Yes I know summer is nearly over LOLL but the Autumns are quite warm here still.

Now I can concentrate on making those place mats for my daughter before the end of the week and also a wallet. Well I'm keeping my fingers crossed, maybe I should cross my toes and keep my fingers free for sewing. LOLL

~ Maria ~


  1. Nothing wrong with hubby walking around in his underwear - unless there are kids home ;)

    Nice pants - I'm all for sewing with sheets :) I saw PIRATES when I saw the first picture!

  2. Ah, now I understand ;O) They look good! So no need to wlak arround in underpants ...LOL...
    Did you enjoy your coffee?
    Big hugs

  3. Dus never wore jammies til he met me, now he even took them when he went away for the night earlier this week..he's a jammies convert! I like men in pj's, it makes them look cute and lovely and sexy. :P

  4. Can't have hubby down to his undies or else you won't have any time for sewing at all!! LOLLLLLLL Actually 'convict' was my first thought I have something in common with your son! LOLLLLL My hubby wears a pair of old daggy trackpants as his Pj's and I can assure you there is NOTHING cute, lovely or sexy about that look! LOLLLLL

  5. See this is why I don't let my DH read your post. I sew for everyone else and not DH I made the boys all summer PJ's but not DH. I even went out this week and got fabric for a pair for me.

    DH will be feeling left out, and he will start bugging me to at least sew the missing buttons on his shirts. lol

    I though convict too, until someone mentioned pirates.

  6. Great pj's. I didn't think prisoner when I saw the stripes, but zebra. Not the zebra animal but the zebra hot air balloon launchers. See here:

  7. Count on me to come across this posting ... great pants Maria ... :)))


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