Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crazy Windows Table Topper & Runner

Finally I finished this custom order last Monday I think it was. The lady came round and we chose fabrics jointly but some of them I was short of so she told me to add what I thought. She hasn't seen the brown dividing strips so I'm not sure what she'll make of it. Hope she likes it.

The lighting has been really bad for taking photos so I took them to the furniture shop where I sell some of my runners.

This runner measures 50.5" x 27.5" (128cm x 70cm).

This is the back.

The table topper measures 31" x 19.5" (79cm x 49.5cm) and each of the square blocks on both the runner and topper measure 5" x 5".

I kept a note of the times I actually sat down to sew these two and over the course of about 8 days when I added up all the hours it came to approximately 24 hours. It felt like more than that.

I make my runners and toppers slightly different to the conventional way of making them which I'll show you in another post as this one is already a bit photo heavy.

~ Maria ~


  1. Do you never sleep ???? Another wonderful table runner!
    Love the back fabrics ;O)
    Have a nice evening,

  2. Love that block. It looks like an abstract flower. Sweet!

  3. Beautiful as always, Maria. I'm sure she is going to love it.

  4. It's lovely Maria. what's not to like? She will love it!

  5. I think the brown works well -it gives the other colours a nice fame so they can "shine" :) I agree with Baye - the blocks DO look like flowers!

  6. Looking forward to seeing how you make your tablerunners.....always handy to know 'other' methods to do stuff hey? Great work, as always hun. Hugs Naomi

  7. Beautiful work again Maria, Love the colours.


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