Friday, May 16, 2014

Fabric Tulips & Boxes

Today is Friday so it's my day for making whatever I want. All orders get put to one side on Friday and this is what I chose to make.
Aren't they just so sweet.

I ran out of glue for my glue gun so didn't make the leaves for all of the tulips. I'll go buy some tomorrow. 
These are so incredibly easy and quick to make and would brighten up any miserable gloomy day. They'd also make a nice gift for a birthday or mothers day.

The fabric boxes I finished yesterday. They were a custom order for the lady that ordered the Uptown Girl bag and Lombard Street bag.
Hey Bethany does the boxes fabric look familiar. LOLL Bethany made a cute Patchwork Double Zip Wristlet and the fabric she used was the same as mine just a different colour. You can see it HERE.

I wasn't sure how to make the leaves but came up with this method and it worked perfectly. I sandwiched  a thin piece of wire between two pieces of fabric and zigzaged over it so I could give the leaf some shape by bending it slightly.

If you'd like to make some you can find the tutorial for the tulips HERE and the tutorial for the fabric boxes HERE.

Happy Sewing to you all and have a nice weekend.

~ Maria ~


  1. How great picking one day a week to sew what you want. It does feel good to do that once in a while. Smart idea about applying the wire on the tulips. Cute and fun.

  2. Hehehe--why yes it does look familiar!

  3. How cute is that? You are so clever!!! Nancy

  4. Hi Maria,
    your Tulips are wonderful!And the boxes are so pretty :O)
    Thank you for showing us! ( And for thr links....) Wish I had more time for sewing.....
    Happy weekend to you,

  5. Maria the flowers and boxes are so great! So cheerful. Thanks for linking to my Weekend Link Party too.

  6. Pretty tulips, and pretty boxes - you should get some more of that (black background + bright flowers) fabric - last picture, bottom right - it's adorable!


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